Panduit® Mini-Com® TX6A™ Keyed Shielded Modules

Superior Network Performance and Protection


What's special about these Cat5e and Cat6 shielded jack modules?

  • Provides superior EMI resistance to prevent the degradation of valuable information and loss of system performance.
  • Contacts are plated in 50 microinches of gold to enhance performance and help maintain stability.
  • Integrated strain relief with wire cap provides a 360° conductive path for grounding.
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RoHS CompliantUL ClassifiedFCC

Panduit’s Mini-Com® TX6A™ Shielded module jacks are the perfect choice when your application calls for superior EMI and RFI shielding.

Part # Description Category Colors Price
PAN-CJSK6X88TGRD Mini-Com TX6A Shielded Keyed Module Jack CAT 6A Red
Manufacturer Direct
PAN-CJSK6X88TGOR Mini-Com TX6A Shielded Keyed Module Jack CAT 6A Orange
Manufacturer Direct
PAN-CJSK6X88TGYL Mini-Com TX6A Shielded Keyed Module Jack CAT 6A Yellow
Manufacturer Direct
PAN-CJSK6X88TGGR Mini-Com TX6A Shielded Keyed Module Jack CAT 6A Green
Manufacturer Direct
PAN-CJSK6X88TGBU Mini-Com TX6A Shielded Keyed Module Jack CAT 6A Blue
Manufacturer Direct
PAN-CJSK6X88TGBL Mini-Com TX6A Shielded Keyed Module Jack CAT 6A Black
Manufacturer Direct

These modules become fully grounded and bonded when installed into a Panduit® all metal, modular patch panel. This is ideal for applications in the military, healthcare or manufacturing industries, where information integrity is an essential element for success. The all metal construction provides the module with the necessary elements to creating a conductive bond that helps reflect, dissipate or even eliminate damaging EMI waves before they can reach sensitive internal wiring that is carrying important data or files through your network.

  • Modules are compatible with 4-pair, 22-26 AWG, 100ohm, solid or stranded twisted pair cabling to match preexisting wiring, or to offer a greater range of installation choices for meeting specific needs or installer preference.
  • Every jack is 100% tested to ensure product quality and RL performance.
  • Mechanically keyed configuration reduces the chance for human error, by preventing unintentional insertion into adjacent ports
  • Reusable construction allows every jack to be re-terminated a minimum of 20 times.
  • Color match system allows the installer to instantly distinguish the difference between CAT5e (red cap) and CAT6 (blue cap) modules; this helps to remove any guess work that can lead to costly errors and wasted time.
  • The termination cap is color-coded for both T568A and T568B wiring schemes, to ensure proper wire termination and installation.
  • 0.187 inch tab provides a conductive path to ground of individual jacks
  • Features Panduit’s Giga-TX™ Technology for jack terminations, which optimizes performance by maintaining cable pair geometry and eliminating conductor untwist.
  • Compatible with Panduit’s network component labels to make organizing and identifying modules a faster, easier process.
  • RoHS Compliant
  • FCC Compliant ANSI/TIA-968-A
  • IEC Compliant 60603-7
  • PoE Compliant IEEE 802.3af
  • UL Rated 1863
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Description Mini-Com TX6 Shielded Keyed Module Jack
Category 6A/ISO 11801 Class EA channel and component performance:

Certified channel performance in a 4-connector configuration up to 100 meters and exceeds the requirements of ANSI/TIA/EIA 568-B.2-10, ISO 11801 Class EA Edition 2.1, and IEEE 802.3an-2006 standards for supporting 10GBASE-T transmission over copper twisted pair cabling when used as part of the PANDUIT ® TX6 ™10GIG ™ Shielded Copper Cabling System

Certified component performance to the ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2-10 Category 6A and ISO 11801 Class EA standards
FCC compliance: MeetsANSI/TIA-968-A; contacts plated with 50 microinches of gold for superior performance
IEC compliance: MeetsIEC 60603-7
PoE compliance: Meets IEEE 802.3af and draft requirements of  IEEE 802.3 at for PoE Plus
UL rated: No.1863
Conductor termination range: Accepts primary conductor O.D. up to 0.350 in.


Normal Force - Load (grams) > 100
Vibration IEC 512-6d Circuit Resistance (mOhms) < 40
Shock IEC 512-6c Contact Disturbance (microsecond) < 5
Durability IEC 512-9a Circuit Resistance (mOhms) < 40
Mating/Un-Mating IEC 512-13b Mating Force (N) < 20
Un-Mating Force (N) < 20
Low Level Circuit Resistance IEC 512-2a Resistance (mOhms) < 20
Dielectric Withstand Voltage IEC 512-4a 1000 V, 1 minute Passed
Insulation Resistance IEC 512-3a Resistance (mOhms) > 500
Temperature Life IEC 512-9b Circuit Resistance (mOhms) < 40
Humidity IEC 512-11c Circuit Resistance (mOhms) < 40
Thermal Shock IEC 512-11d Circuit Resistance (mOhms) < 40
Climatic Sequence IEC 512-11a Circuit Resistance (mOhms) < 40
Flowing Mixed Gas Corrosion IEC 512-11g Circuit Resistance (mOhms) < 40


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The Pan-Net Guarantee is a 20-year product replacement guarantee on standards based component performance. In order to qualify for this guarantee, the system must be installed per the following -
1. Meet all TIA/EIA commercial building wiring standards.
2. Panduit categorized product must be used in conjunction with an equivalent or higher Category UL or ETL verified cable.
3. Panduit products must be installed per Panduit instruction sheets.
4. All networks shall be installed per applicable standards and manufacturer's guidelines.
* Guarantee only and does not cover labor to repair or replace.

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