Panduit® Adhesive Grommet Edging

Safe, Affordable, Flexible, and Easy To Install Protection From Sharp Panel Edges


What's special about this adhesive Panduit grommet edging?

  • Molded from durable, flexible polyethylene plastic that protects soft skin and delicate wires from rough or unfinished edges
  • Available in two styles: Solid Wall for protecting straight paths, or Slotted Wall for finishing inside holes or irregular surfaces like in computer racks or residential enclosures
  • Adhesive lining (with no liner to peel off) ensures product will stay where it is installed, and requires no special tool or messy user supplied adhesives once pressure is applied
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RoHS CompliantUL

Panduit® Adhesive Grommet Edging protects wires and cables from friction and wearing damage caused by the sharp, unfinished edging of panel walls and cable knockouts in rack equipment. Grommet edging not only protects, but adds appeal to once unappealing surfaces.

drawing of slotted and solid wall grommet edging

SLOTTED WALL – Continuous Polyethylene w/ Adhesive
Part #Panel Thickness (IN)Panel Thickness (MM)In Outside Width A (IN)Outside Width A (MM)Outside Height B (IN)Outside Height B (MM)LengthColorPrice
PAN-GEE62F-A0.036 - 0.0620.9 - 1.60.1313.30.164.1100'Natural, Black
Quick Ship
PAN-GEE99F-A0.062 - 0.0991.6 - 2.50.1694.30.1854.7100'Natural, Black
Manufacturer Direct
PAN-GEE144F-A0.099 - 0.1442.5 - 3.70.2135.40.2225.6100'Natural, Black
Manufacturer Direct

drawing of slotted and solid wall grommet edging

SOLID WALL – Continuous Polyethylene w/ Adhesive
Part #Panel Thickness (IN)Panel Thickness (MM)Outside Width A (IN)Outside Width A (MM)Outside Height B (IN)Outside Height B (MM)LengthColorPrice
PAN-GES62F-A0.036 - 0.0620.9 - 1.60.1313.30.164.1100'Natural, Black
Manufacturer Direct
PAN-GES99F-A0.062 - 0.0991.6 - 2.50.1694.30.1854.7100'Natural, Black
Quick Ship
PAN-GES144F-A0.099 - 0.1442.5 - 3.70.2135.40.2225.6100'Natural, Black
Manufacturer Direct
  • By adding grommet edging to all your panels, you create a professional finished look that’s affordable, and you reduce the chance of skin damage accidents caused from coming in contact with sharp or splintering edges.
  • Available in two colors (natural or black) for enhancing unfinished edging, and complimenting preexisting décor or equipment
  • Available on a 100’ reel for easy handling and dispensing of grommet lining
  • Made from highly flexible and very economical weather resistant polyethylene that goes on easy, and holds up to punishment
  • RoHS compliant
  • UL HB rated for flammability



Adhesive Type: Rubber-based
Material: Weather resistant polyethylene with rubber based adhesive
Maximum Temperature Rating: 122°F (50°C)
Minimum Temperature Rating: -40°F (-40°C)
Roll Length: 100 feet
Color: Available in black or natural
Wall: Slotted or Solid- 0.062, 0.099, 0.144
UL Rating: UL HB
RoHS Compliancy: Compliant


Use these tables as a guide to determine PANDUIT grommet edging sizes. The most common gauges for electrical applications of sheet metal dimensions are listed based on the Manufacturer Standard Gauge for Steel.

Gauge Manufacturer
Standard Gauge
for Steel (in)
  Gauge Manufacturer
Standard Gauge
for Steel (in)
  Gauge Manufacturer
Standard Gauge
for Steel (in)
5 0.2092   14 0.0747   23 0.0269
6 0.1943   15 0.0673   24 0.0239
7 0.1793   16 0.0598   25 0.0209
8 0.1644   17 0.0538   26 0.0179
9 0.1495   18 0.0478   27 0.0164
10 0.1345   19 0.0418   28 0.0149
11 0.1196   20 0.0359   29 0.0135
12 0.1046   21 0.0329   30 0.0120
13 0.0897   22 0.0299      


Grommet edging installation is an easy 3 step process:

  • First, you clean the edge of the panel to remove any grease, dirt, oil, and loose particles.
  • Next, you install the edging over the cleaned edge.
  • Last, you simply apply thumb pressure to activate the adhesive, and enjoy your finished product.







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Questions & Answers


Electrical Wiring - Can this be used on the knock outs in electrical panels (high voltage applications). I'm wondering because I need to add a bushing or grommet to a knock out with a large diameter cable already going through it.

Asked by Anonymous user on 04.33 AM Wednesday, 02 July, 2014

  • - Thank you for your question. These products are not rated for high voltage and they can only withstand a minimal amount of temperatures. I would not recommend this application for it.

    Fernando M. on 01.40 PM Thursday, 03 July, 2014

Can this Panduit conduit be installed on the edge of 5/8" gyp. board opening?

Asked by Anonymous user on 09.26 AM Friday, 04 January, 2019

  • - Hello, Unfortunately the largest width of this item is .213" so it will not fit on your .625" thick gypsum board

    Anonymous user on 10.47 AM Thursday, 10 January, 2019

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