Panduit High-Bond Adhesive Backed Cord Clips

Bundle Your Wires Securely, Even on Irregular Surfaces


What's special about these adhesive cable clips?

  • Highly adhesive for a strong, long-lasting hold, even under harsh indoor/outdoor conditions
  • One-piece composition eliminates the need for screws, rivets, or nuts and bolts
  • Pieces have a smooth finish, which protects both the installer and the cables from abrasion during installation
  • Adhesive backing is made from a conformable foam that adapts to any irregular surface
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RoHS Compliant

Panduit high-bond adhesive backed cord clips are designed to withstand harsh environments while safely bundling up your wires. These clips offer a level of cable management and protection that you can't afford not to have.

Metal Cord Clips
Part #DescriptionMax. Bundle Dia.QtyWeightPrice
PAN-MACC25-AV-DPANDUIT High Bond Adhesive Metal Cord Clips0.25"5002 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
PAN-MACC62-AV-CPANDUIT High Bond Adhesive Metal Cord Clips0.62"1001.3 lbs
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Heat Stabilized Nylon Cord Clips
Part #DescriptionMax. Bundle Dia.QtyWeightPrice
PAN-ACC19-AV-M300PANDUIT Heat Stabilized Nylon 6.6 Adhesive Cord Clips0.19"1,0002 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
PAN-ACC38-AV-M300PANDUIT Heat Stabilized Nylon 6.6 Adhesive Cord Clips0.38"1,0004.5 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
PAN-ACC62-AV-D300PANDUIT Heat Stabilized Nylon 6.6 Adhesive Cord Clips0.62"5005.3 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
  • Easy to handle; saves time and worker fatigue during large installs
  • Very resistant to extreme temperatures and harsh chemicals
  • Available in various sizes for bonding cables of all diameters
  • RoHS compliant



Part # Material Adhesive Type Max. Bundle
Length Width Clip Width Qty
PAN-MACC25-AV-D Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel High Bond Acrylic VHB 0.25" [6.4mm] 0.77" [19.6mm] 0.54" [13.7mm] 0.29" [7.4mm] 500
PAN-MACC62-AV-C 0.62" [15.7mm] 1.18" [30.0mm] 0.78" [19.7mm] 0.29" [7.4mm] 100


Part # Material Adhesive Type Max. Bundle
Length Width Clip Width Qty
PAN-ACC19-AV-M300 Black Heat Stabilized Weather Resistant Nylon 6.6 High Bond Acrylic VHB 0.19" [4.8mm] 0.75" [19.0mm] 0.62" [15.7mm] 0.25" [6.4mm] 1,000
PAN-ACC38-AV-M300 0.38" [9.7mm] 1.00" [25.4mm] 1.00" [25.4mm] 0.38 [9.7mm] 1,000
PAN-ACC62-AV-D300 0.62" [15.7mm] 1.24" [31.5mm] 1.12" [28.4mm] 0.63" [16.0mm] 500


Material: MACC: Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel with High Bond Adhesive
ACC: Heat Stabilized Resistant Nylon 6.6 with High Bond Adhesive
Temperature range: -31° F (-35° C) to 200° F (93° C) continuous
Solvente and fuel resistance: Water, salt water, hydraulic fluid, 10W30 motor oil, glycol antifreeze – 100% adhesive retention; kerosene – 90% adhesive retention, isopropyl alcohol, jet fuel – 50% adhesive retention, gasoline – 35% adhesive retention
Environmental compliance: RoHS
Application environment: Indoor / outdoor






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