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Don't Settle for Substandard Performance. Test Your Cables!

When you're installing a professional network, you'll need to make sure in the end that it's running absolutely smoothly and that your customer is getting the best possible connection. But how do you know before you actually use it?

You test it, of course! And right here is where you'll find testers for virtually any type of cable you could conceivably be running. Our coaxial and fiber optic cable testers will help you troubleshoot your video, data, and voice network cables during installation, and our LAN cable certifiers will help you test to make sure your local area network and associated cables are good to go when all is said and done.

No job is too big or too small. Whether you're doing a professional industrial installation or setting up a home network, we've got a tester to suit your application: LAN Testers, Telephone Line Testers, Mappers, Cable Qualification, Tone Generators, Network Certifiers and more. From the economical Byte Brothers Pocket Cat for RJ45 & Coax cables to professional fiber optic Optical Laser Light Sources, we've got the tester for your network needs.

Network Testers Help Ensure You’re Doing Your Job to Perfection

No matter what industry you work in, testing your product before giving it to the customer is essential. Just as BMW wouldn’t sell a car without a series of test runs to work out any potential issues, cable testing is an essential part of installing a professional network. From trouble shooting to safety precautions, has an excellent selection of network testers designed to help you do your job flawlessly.

Testers, and Qualifiers and Certification – Oh My!

tone generators has all different kinds of testers to suit your needs, including:

  • LAN Cable Testers
  • LAN Network Certification
  • Network Cable Qualifiers
  • Coax Mapping
  • Tone Generators
  • Phone Line Testers


Make sure your job is getting done to your best ability by using our various testers. In a world full of competition, it’s so important to double check your work, even if you feel confident everything looks right. Testing is an essential component to making sure your performance is impeccable.

Network Testers for Professional Industrial Installation

Whether it is a first-time installation, or an issue flared up that requires some work, cable testers and network verifiers are essential for anyone who works with or around cables. We offer an array of products that range from basic to ones like the Ideal Networks LanTEK III , which meets the current TIA and ISO/IEC requirements for texting up to a CAT 7A/1000MHz.

All of our products are designed to make testing easy and straight forward, and when using our tools you can make sure that the job has been done correctly.

Test Tones and Cable Finders Make Any Job Easier

For use industrially or at-home, we also offer a variety of different tone generators and cable fault finders that can make hunting for pesky wires behind the wall a breeze. These range in price from $247.47 for our Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) 3271 – Cable Fault Finder which is designed to measure the length of copper cables and the distance to a fault, to just $8.68 for our SuperLooper Loopback Jack & Plug that is so small it can fit right on a keychain!
Fiber Optic Testers Is a League of Its Own!

When people think of wire testing, they most commonly think about copper wire testing, not realizing that fiber optic installation testing is a separate issue, but just as important! We offer a number of different fiber testers that help to identify problem with single and multimode fiber optic cables.

Aside from individual fiber optic testers, we also have a number of kits, like the Ideal Networks FiberMASTER Fiber Optic Test Kit  which is a reliable and easy way to test whatever you need to in the field. There’s even a built-in light source to make your job that much easier when you are out in the field. With kits like this, worries about bringing everything with you to the job site is a thing of the past.

Helpful Telephone Line Testers

We additionally offer a number of telephone line testers to help you detect digital analog phone systems and line polarity. Our variety ensures that you can find something your own personal use like the Line-Bug 4 Phone/LAN Tester, or for complex jobs like the Platinum Tools T62 Recon Telecommunications Line Analyzer. Either way, our choices will make everything from the smallest jobs to the biggest jobs a walk in the park.

Cable Network Testing Made Easy

No matter what your needs are, has got you covered when it comes to selecting a solution for your needs. There is no job too small, or too big, for network testing. After all, even the smallest job done incorrectly can mess everything up. It’s always a good idea to check your network because you and/or your client will be able to sleep much easier knowing it’s a job well done.