Platinum Tools® T62 Recon™ Telecommunications Line Analyzer

Performs a Multitude of Essential Tests on Your Phone Lines


What's special about this phone line tester?

  • Test phone lines for current, polarity, voltage, caller ID errors, and all necessary tests needed to ensure reliability of your communication system.
  • Data Defender™ advanced data detection and identification keeps digital lines safe for high performance in the most modern telecommunications systems.
  • Detects all commonly used DSL and T1 protocols, a feature not found on other phone line testers.
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The T62 Recon™ Telecom Line Analyzer from Platinum Tools® contains the features of several different testers into one compact unit. This rugged test tool may be the only instrument you need to diagnose problems and perform routine maintenance. The unit's large backlit display, 20 ft. drop test, and IP54 weatherproof-rated casing ensures that you will be able to work effectively in any environment.

Part # Description Dimensions Weight Price
PL-T62 Platinum Tools T62 Recon Test Set 8.25" H x 2.5" W x 2.5" D
(21 x 6.4 x 5.1 cm)
1.64 lbs (0.74 kg)
Manufacturer Direct
  • IP54 waterproof case protects the unit in the rain, snow, wind, and all other weather conditions.
  • Combination bed of nails and single spike test leads lets you work with a variety of applications without having to change the leads.
  • English, French, and Spanish language options
  • Large backlit LCD screen with glow-in-the-dark keypad ensures high visibility in any lighting.
  • Rated to survive a 20 ft. drop test and meet IP54 weatherproof standards, this unit is built to stand up to harsh conditions.


Interface Attached cord set, 60" L
Ringer Equivalence In BELL mode: 0.0 (no ringer load)
Pulse Dialing Pulse rate: 10 pps ±10%;
  Make/break ratio: 60% to 40% ±2%; USA

Interdigit interval: 820 ms;
  Resistance during break: 120K Ohms minimum
Tone Dialing DTMF output (into 600 Ohms):
  Tone-frequency error: ±1.5%;

Tone Level:
  High group: -6 ±2 dBm;
  Low group: -8 ±2 dBm;
  High group vs. Low group Difference
    (twist): 2 ±1 dBm
Flash Duration 600 ±50 ms
Pause Duration Tone: 3 seconds; Pulse: 3.4 seconds
Return Loss Minimum 14 dB at 600 Ohms
Line-Current Range 10 to 110 mA
Apparent Line
275 Ohms at 20 mA
Monitor Mode
DC: 1MΩ typical - AC: 390 KΩ at 1 KHz typical
Measurement Voltage:0 to 200 VDC ±5%;
Current: 10 to 110 mA ±5%;
NOTE: Do not attach test set to electric-power lines
Display Transflective 128 by 64 pixel graphical liquid crystal display (LCD) with LED back light
Power 4 x AAA alkaline batteries
Battery Life With 100% back light and in speaker mode - 20 hours
Backlight off and speaker off - 75 hours
Standby - 2 years
Languages English, Spanish and French
Dimensions 8.25" H x 2.5" W x 2.5" D
(21 x 6.4 x 5.1 cm)
Weight 1.64 lbs (559.7 g)
Industry Standards IP54
CE Conformité Européenne / European Conformity


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