Fox 2 & Hound 3 Digital Tone Generator Kit

Hound 3 Streamlined Inductive Tracer with Headlights and Earphone Jack


What's special about this tone generator?

  • The New Hound 3 Probe features 2 Bright, White LED Headlights that will help light your way in dark areas or reduce fluorescent light noise by allowing you to turn off overhead lighting.
  • Shielded design to suppress "Feedback Squeal"
  • Streamlined two tone generator design allows for better access in hard-to-reach areas.
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Part # IMG Description Color Price
TR-3399 Fox 2 and Hound 3 Kit Red
Manufacturer Direct
  • Adjustable volume / sensitivity control.
  • Conductive Duck-Bill Tip for safe, easy penetration in cable bundles. Metal tip also included.
  • LED gets brighter as the signal gets stronger.
  • Two tone generator contains a high-gain, hi-impedance amplifier.
  • Low voltage tone generator is capable of identifying any of the Fox's tone up to 12" away
  • Rugged, moisture resistant, mylar cone speaker
  • Use with the Fox, Fox2, or Wiremaster XR-2 tone generators for quick and efficient wire tracing
  • Powered by a standard 9V battery (not included) with an easy access door.
  • 1-year limited manufacturer warranty

    Fox 2 Deluxe Tone Generator with "True Trace"

  • "True Trace" - Cadence of tracer tone changes when pair is momentarily shorted, allowing for definite ID of target wire pair.
  • Cordless phone interface - allows user to use a standard cordless phone for hands-free "True Trace"!
  • "Trip-Latch", a unique latch testing technique using "True Trace" for testing alarm sensors.
  • 3 methods of connectivity:
    RJ-11 plug for tracing telephone wires,
    RJ-45 jack for tracing LAN cables (trace BNC cables w/ optional RJ-45 to BNC adapter),
  • Alligator clips on DTMF tone generator allow for connection to stripped wires or terminal panels.
  • Overload protected - 120 VAC line cross protection on all functions
  • Overload warning beeper - alerts user to potential hazards
  • Warble/pulse tracer tone - selectable tone for audible & visual ID using Hound or Hound 2 probe inductive tracer.
  • High output tracer tone
  • Generates 2 of 6 user selectable tracer tones
  • Internal user selectable settings - Hi/Lo pitch shift, warble/continuous tracer tone, On/Off audio pilot tone, On/Off cadence shift.
  • Tone/battery LED - indicates that tracer tone is on and battery is OK
  • Audio pilot tone - confirms the tracer toner signal
  • Visual & audible continuity test
  • Red/Green telephone line polarity LEDs - also indicates AC/ RING signal
  • Supplies "talk power" to allow communicating between handsets(talk sets) or powering a telephone
  • Line powered in ton mode
  • Built-in telephone ringer
  • "Power Latch" - prevents accidental turn-on's maximizing battery life
  • Magnetic back - sticks the Fox 2 to steel surfaces
  • Works with either Hound or Hound 2 Probe Inductive Tracer
  • Powered by standard 9V battery (not included)
  • 1-year limited manufacturer warranty

    Hound 3 Probe

  • New headlights to help light your way in dark areas and reduce florescent light noise.
  • Streamlined design allows for better access in hard-to-reach areas.
  • New shielded design to suppress "feedback squeal"
  • Band-pass filter to suppress 60Hz and hi frequency noise.
  • Earphone jack for use in quiet or noisy environments
  • Improved sensitivity and loudness
  • Includes new conductive duck-bill tip for safer, easier penetration in cable bundles - metal tip also included
  • Easy access battery door
  • Adjustable volume / sensitivity control
  • LED gets brighter as the signal gets stronger - LED indication even works when earphones are used
  • Contains a hi-gain, hi-impedance amplifier
  • Capable of identifying the Fox's tone up to 12 inches away
  • Rugged, moisture resistant, Mylar cone speaker
  • Use with the Fox 2, Fox, Fox Jr., TDR, LAN TDR or WireMaster XR-2 for quick & efficient wire tracing.
  • Powered by a standard 9V battery (not included)
  • 1-year warranty
    13" x 10-1/4" x 3-1/2" 1 lb
    9-1/4" x 5" x 1-1/2" 0.6 lb
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