Tone Generator and Probe Kits



What's special about these tone and probe kits?

  • Microprocessor controlled circuitry for increased reliability
  • Automatic shutoff to prevent battery drain
  • Fixed alligator clips and removable modular plug for RJ-11
  • Snag-proof boot prevents broken plug tabs
  • Kits include one Tone Generator, one Inductive Amplifier (Professional) or Filter Probe (Premium), and carrying case
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Greenlee carries Tone Generator and Probe Kits for varying needs, such as the basic Tone Generator (GL-77GX) to identify single conductors or cables or up to the Premium Kit (GL-801K) for the more accurate identification by eliminating almost all power-related noise.

Part #DescriptionPrice
GL-77GXTone Generator
Manufacturer Direct
GL-801KPremium Tone and Probe Kit
Manufacturer Direct

Tone Generator - GL-77GX

  • Increased reliability from microprocessor-controlled circuitry
  • Two-line polarity indicator allows for quick and easy outlet identification
  • Auto-shutoff feature prolongs battery life
  • Includes a convenient hanging lanyard, and a snag-proof boot to prevent broken plug tabs
  • Capable of multiple line identification (3 separate tone output signals)
  • Two selectable tone power outputs, for use with either open or shorted pairs
  • An independent talk battery supply allows for higher-voltage output
  • Alligator clips and a removable modular plug give you multiple options for connection
Greenlee Tone Generator, 77GX

Premium Tone and Probe Kit - GL-801K

The 801K provides more accurate wire identification by virtually eliminating power-related noise from the tone and probe operation. Kit includes:

  • Included in the kit: the 77HP/6A High Power Tone Generator and the 200FP Filter Probe, packed together in a rugged and convenient Cordura nylon case.
Premium Tone and Probe Kit




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