Trend Networks® FiberMASTER™ Fiber Optic Test Kit

Simple and Reliable Fiber Testing for the Field and Beyond


What's special about this network tester?

  • Measures the wavelength capability, optical loss, and power on MM & SM optical fibers, even those connected to active LANs.
  • Calibration function stores a reference power level for quick dB loss measurements.
  • Power meter includes 2.5mm universal adapter and FC adapters, light source includes ST, SC, and FC adaptors; covers nearly any application.
  • Light source may be docked inside the power meter to reduce bulk; great for working in the field.

The FiberMASTER Optical Fiber Test kit is designed for the working technician. The power meter offers a reference power level storage feature to ensure consistent, accurate readings according to a parameter that you set. The light source may be operated while docked inside the power source, making the kit not only easy to store, but also the ultimate fiber power test kit for the field technician. Each kit includes a number of cables and adapters that provide compatibility with most common applications.

Part # Contents Price
ID-33-931 (1) Multi-Mode/Single Mode Light Source
(1) Power Meter, 4 wavelength (850, 1300, 1310, 1490 and 1550)
(1) Universal 2.5mm
(1) Fixed FC Adapter
Manufacturer Direct
Property Value
Power Meter
Wavelength 850, 1300/1310, 1490, 1550nm
Detector InGaAs
Measurement Range -60 to +3dBm
Accuracy ±5%
Display Resolution 0.01
Connector Universal 2.5mm w/FC adapter
Power Supply 3 AAA Alkaline Battery included
Operating Time 360 hours
Operating Temp -10 to +60°C
Storage Temp -25 to +70°C
Light Source
Wavelength 850, 1300, 1310, 1550nm Laser Diode
Output Power -6 to -7 dBm Typical
Stability .05dB after 15min, 0.1dB over 8 hrs
Connector 2.5mm w/ST®, SC, FC adapters
Power Supply 3 AAA Alkaline Battery
Operating Time 40 hours
Operating Temp -10 to +60°C
Storage Temp -25 to +70°C


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