SuperLooper™ Loopback Jack & Plug

Simple One-Step Test to Check Your Wiring

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What's special about this portable Ethernet tester?

  • Loopback tester works in conjunction with an LED hub or switch, completing the circuit to test shorts, breaks, or incorrect wiring
  • Connects to wall jacks or the ends of network cable that are currently connected to your network, and then sends a signal back to your hub/switch, which will light up if your wiring is good
  • Use this tester for matching wall plate ports to their respective ports in the server room patch panel; simply plug into a wall plate, and watch for the corresponding LED to light up on the patch panel
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Many times, when wiring a new building or upgrading to a faster network, network engineers end up wiring a large number of jacks and patch panels to the network. When that's done, they need a way to quickly test to make sure the wiring has been done correctly, and that the new ports are successfully relaying information to the network. The SuperLooper is a small, easy test that does just that. Simply plug it into your newly-wired device, and look for you network hub/patch panel/switch to light up, showing that it's been installed correctly.

Part #DescriptionWeightPrice
IT-LOOPSuperLooper Ethernet Loopback Jack/Plug0.5 lb
Manufacturer Direct
  • Compact, lightweight design is perfect for any network installer's toolbox or key chain
  • Molded hybrid casing creates a protective enclosure around the male and female jacks, which is required for proper testing
  • Easily check the RX/TX pairs or 10/100base network cables to quickly determine whether or not a signal exists, or if there are any broken wires
  • Attached metal chain for connecting to your tool bag strap or your keychain
  • CE compliant to meet industry standards


Part # IT-LOOP
Length 2-1/8"
Width 5/8"
Height 6/8"

SuperLooper Loopback Jack and Plug received 4 stars from PC Magazine. View review



Plug Loopback Jack & plug directly into wall jack or switch. LED of associated switch port will light.

Use Loopback Jack & Plug and a hub or PC to check a cables RX/TX pairs. LED On is good. LED off indicated broken or shorted wires







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Questions & Answers


I have a router/switch with leds showing active circuits. I have multiple cables which terminate in RJ45 wall face plates. Do I just plug the superlooper in a wall faceplate and see if the connected switch LED lights up? My connections are working, but with CAT-6 cabling I expect higher throughput, Is there a way to check this? Can I connect a disk through the superlooper? Does the superlooper just check the two active pairs in the 8 wire cable?

Asked by Hans S. on 11/8/2016 10:40 AM

  • - Thank you for your question. We would welcome an opportunity to work with you to better understand your project and requirements. Please call 866-222-0030 to discuss further

    thiago t. on 01/27/2017 3:30 PM

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