Precision Rated Optics Visual Fault Finder

A Compact, Cost-Effective Fiber Optic Diagnostic Tool


What's special about this fiber optic tester?

  • Detects sharp turns, breaks, cracks and other loss-inducing flaws for up to 32.8' (10m) in optical fibers, simplifying installations, maintenance and repair.
  • Identifies bare fibers, preventing costly mistakes during splicing operations.
  • Universal connector eliminates the need for multiple adapters, greatly reducing project cost.
  • Can be used to easily locate connectors in patch panels, eliminating a great deal of confusion when working with densely populated network equipment.
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The Precision Rated Optics Visual Fault Finder is a simple, portable tool for finding flaws in optical fibers. Its universal connector attaches to any cable, emitting a powerful light that makes it easy to spot sharp bends, breaks, and other weaknesses that can lower performance in fiber optic systems.

Part # Description Dimensions Weight Price
PRO-VFL-10 Visual Fault Finder 7.1"L x 0.6"Dia 0.31 lb (140g)
  • Modulated mode sends a pulsating light through fibers, simplifying fiber identification in environments with bright light levels.
  • Runs for 15 continuous hours on 3 AAA batteries, so you don't have to wait for battery packs to recharge as you would with other fiber optic testers.
  • 7" x 1/2" compact form factor ensures that this inspection instrument will fit into almost any tool case, tool belt, or pants pocket.
  • Sleek black and copper-tipped finish compliments any installer's tool kit.

    Output Wavelength (nm) 650 ± 10 nanometers
    Connector Universal 2.5mm
    Modulated Frequency 2 Hz
    Output Power 1mV / 0 dBm
    Average Battery Life 15 hours continuous
    Operating Temperature 14°F to 113°F (-10°C to 45°C)
    Storage Temperature -4°F to 158°F (-20°C to 70°C)
    Operating Humidity 0-95%
    Dimensions 7.1"L x 0.6"Dia (180mm x 15mm)
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