Remote Network Tester

Quick and Easy Testing for Copper Cabling


What's special about this LAN tester?

  • Allows you to test a variety of network cabling for opens, shorts, and crosses.
  • Equipped with a remote that can be slid out, detached from the main unit and connected to the other end of the cabling for remote testing.
  • LED lights provide easy to read results and eliminate all confusion in testing.
  • Includes fabric case for easy transport of your tester from jobsite to jobsite.
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This versatile remote network tester provides you with a quick and easy way to perform end-to-end cable testing. This compact unit includes a detachable remote and can test a wide variety of copper cables to help maintain your network’s connectivity.

Part # Description Price
IT-NETTEST LAN / USB Network Tester With Remote
Manufacturer Direct
  • Automatic shut-off feature turns the unit off after non-use to preserve battery life.
  • Tests several different types of cable for an all-in-one solution, including:
  • Coax
  • Ethernet (10Base-2, 10Base-5)
  • BNC
  • USB
  • RJ-45 (EIA/TIA-568A)
  • Ethernet RJ-11 (USOC 4/6)
  • Operates using a 9V battery (included) for a simple and easy to acquire power source.
  • Compact size can be easily stored in your tool box or tool bag without taking up too much space.

  • Remote Network Tester Specifications (PDF) PDF

    remote network tester dimension Displays Results in LED indicator lights
    Test Capability Opens
    Connected Wires
    Value Detection
    Power Source 9V Battery
    Test Cable Types Coax
    Ethernet (10Base-2, 10Base-5)
    RJ-11 (USOC 4/6)
    RJ-45 (EIA/TIA-568A)
    USB Cabling
    Test Range 600ft
    Dimensions 5 2/3" x 3 1/3" (144mm x 86mm)
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