Precision Rated Optics Fiberscope

Clearly Exposes Particles and Imperfections that Can Hinder Network Performance


What's special about this maintenance microscope?

  • Super bright white LED light illuminates fibers and connectors, making obstructive flaws and debris stand out.
  • Greatly magnifies the surfaces of fiber optic components, including cable jackets, bare fibers, and connectors, to simplify system maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting.
  • Hand-held size will fit into any tool case or tool belt.
  • Ideal for inspecting splices and terminations made during installation; can save thousands in lengthy post-installation repairs.
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The Precision Rated Optics Fiberscope provides a convenient, cost-effective way to simplify the daunting task of optical upkeep. Because much of the most detrimental damage to fiber optic components is microscopic, not even the most skilled eye will suffice to expose the potential dangers. The Fiberscope will make once invisible cracks, scratches, kinks, and other flaws as plain as day.  Available in magnifications from 200x to 400x, this microscope ensures that no imperfection goes undiscovered.

Part # Magnification Dimensions Weight Price
PRO-HM-C400S 400x 8.76" L x 2.3" W x 1.25" D 1.1 lbs
  • Built-in infrared filter for added protection from rays that can potentially cause retina burns and/ or permanent eye injury.
  • 2 magnification levels to accommodate various inspection purposes:
  • 200x is sufficient for multi-mode connections.
  • 400x is recommended for single-mode and multi-mode connections.
  • Smooth focus control allows fine-tuning of the image for best performance.
  • Requires only 3 AAA batteries to operate, unlike other fiber optic inspection equipment requiring battery packs.
  • LED rated for 100,000 hours, so you'll never be stuck without light on the job.
  • Part # PRO-HM-C400S
    Power Source (3) AAA batteries
    Light Source White LED, rated for 100,000 hours
    Weight 1.1 lbs (0.5 kg)
    Size 8.76" L x 2.3" W x 1.25" D (225mm L X 58mm Wx 32mm D)
    Controls Fine Focus control wheel
    Safety filter Built in IR filter
    Adapter Interface 1.25mm and 2.5mm Universal Adapter
    Color Black
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