TREND® Networks NaviTEK® NT Cable and Network Installation Test Kits

An Indispensable Test Tool for the Active Frontline Technician


What's special about this comprehensive network tester?

  • Performs many tasks necessary for maintenance and troubleshooting of passive and active networks.
  • Various handsets available to accommodate the needs of different network types, including a premium unit that handles both copper and fiber environments.
  • One-touch Autotest operations provide simple results drastically reduce test time.
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The NaviTEK® NT by Trend® performs a plethora of necessary network troubleshooting and maintenance tasks. This unit performs advanced wiremapping and network scanning, allowing you to easily get rid of several bulky testers. Its full color LCD screen displays crystal clear test results, bar graphs, and other useful visuals which can be exported to your mobile device for sharing or printing. For the technician that is tired of painstakingly recording results by hand, this device saves up to 5000 tests results from 50 separate jobs on its internal memory.

Network Troubleshooting Kits
Part # Description Contents Price
ID-R151005 NaviTEK NT Plus Kit 1 x NaviTEK NT Plus unit, 1 x Remote unit, 1 x Rechargeable Power Module, 1 x Power adaptors, 2 Cat. 5e STP cables, 1 x USB Wi-Fi adapter, 1 x Quick reference guide, 1 x Carry case
Manufacturer Direct
Optional Accessories
Part # Description Price
ID-MGKSX1 ID-MGKSX1 850nm SX MM SFP and fiber patch cord accessories kit
Manufacturer Direct
ID-MGKLX2 ID-MGKLX2 1310nm LX SM SFP and fiber patch cord accessories kit
Manufacturer Direct
ID-MGKZX3 ID-MGKZX3 1550nm ZX SM SFP and fiber patch cord accessories kit
Manufacturer Direct
  • Displays port information using Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP), Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP), and Extreme Discovery Protocol (EDP).
  • Detects ISDN, POTS and PoE services
  • Test results can be sent to Trend AnyWARE Mobile app (iOS and Android) to be printed or shared.
  • Functions include cable length measurement, wire mapping, and distance to faults.
  • Supports IPv4 and IPv6 nodes for trouble-free use with even the most modern system.
  • Displays IP and MAC address of devices connected to the network and can probe each component.
    Endpoint LAN testing over copper Yes Yes Yes
    IPv4 Yes Yes Yes
    IPv6 Yes Yes Yes
    Advanced wiremap including length Yes Yes Yes
    Wiremap for cross-over cables Yes Yes Yes
    Wiremap for miswires and split pairs Yes Yes Yes
    Wiremap for opens and shorts Yes Yes Yes
    Support up to 12 wiremap remotes Yes Yes Yes
    PoE and PoE+ detection Yes Yes Yes
    Tone generator Yes Yes Yes
    Ping test Yes Yes Yes
    Traceroute test Yes Yes Yes
    Hub blink for port identification Yes Yes Yes
    DHCP client Yes Yes Yes
    10/100/1000 Mb/s Yes Yes Yes
    User-exchangeable RJ45 inserts Yes Yes Yes
    Backlit color screen Yes Yes Yes
    Results storage (5000 tests) No Yes Yes
    Export results to mobile app No Yes Yes
    EDP/CDP/LLDP No Yes Yes
    One button Autotest No Yes Yes
    VLAN support No Yes Yes
    Network scan No Yes Yes
    Traffic utilization bar graph No Yes Yes
    802.1x logon No No Yes
    Loopback mode over copper No No Yes
    Loopback mode over fiber No No Yes
    Endpoint LAN testing over fiber No No Yes
    Optical power indication No No Yes



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