Ideal Industries Yellow 77® Plus Wire Pulling Lubricant

Even with Teflon Added, This Lubricant Requires No Mixing


What's special about this wire pulling lube?

  • Teflon® added which provides greater lubricity than other wax-based lubricants for easier pulling.
  • Dries slowly to a non-conducting film that won’t harden, leaving you free to extract cables anytime after application.
  • Homogeneous blend requires no mixing - it’s ready to use right out of the bottle.
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Yellow 77® Plus Wire Pulling Lubricant by Ideal Industries is specially formulated with Teflon to be environmentally safe, have greater lubricity than other lubricants, and eliminate inconvenient, cable-binding dryout.

Part # Description Size Weight Price
ID-31-398 Yellow 77® Plus Wire Pulling Lubricant 1 Quart 2.27 lbs
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  • Safe to use on all types of cables and casing will not deteriorate cable jackting or insulation.
  • Stable from 30°F to 190°F (-1°C to 88°C) for use in many environments.
  • Clings to cables even in long runs
  • The creamy texture goes on easily and uniformly, and can be applied either by hand or via pump for a virtually "clean" application.
  • Surface coat forms to control evaporation so it will not dry out.
  • Environmentally safe it is non-toxic, non-flammable and non-corrosive.

    Part # ID-31-398
    Chemical Description Water-Wax Emulsion
    Boiling Point 212° F (100° C)
    Solubility in Water Moderate
    Appearance & Odor Yellow cream paste, slight odor
    Specific Gravity 0.93
    pH 6.5 - 7.5


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    Shelf Life - What is the recommended Shelf life of this product?

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    • - Thank you for your question. Shelf Life for this product is 5+ years.

      Fernando M. on 10.35 AM Thursday, 20 November, 2014

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