Electrical Boxes

We offer a wide variety of low voltage mounting brackets and plates, as well as boxes for electrical, media, and fixture applications. Recessed boxes and receptacles are perfect for installing behind TVs, monitors, or entertainment centers. In this section, you'll also find installation accessories, cable supports, and stabilizer clips.

All the Electrical Boxes, Mounts, Brackets and Accessories You Need

Every cable entrance into the wall needs a box, mount, or bracket, and CableOrganizer.com is THE place for a wide selection of high-quality products. From electrical and media boxes to fixture applications, we have what you need to give wall access to your cables while actually enhancing the look of your living space.


The first step in choosing the right piece of equipment for your cables is recognizing that the sky is the limit. Sure, we have plenty of standard plate mounting brackets that are perfect and inexpensive options for low voltage A/V wall plates and cable pass-troughs. However, we also have unique items like the Arlington Bollard Kit which allows you to bring power and low voltage wiring for phone, security, and lighting to any outdoor area. It is perfect for outside decks, boat docks, or walkways.


We have all of the electrical equipment you need for connecting professional, top-level home theaters. We have products that literally take you closer to having an in-home movie theater experience by delivering excellent quality while keeping your audio, video, control and power cables organized and hidden. If you are shopping for a commercial setting, we have wall boxes that are convenient and easy-to use while maintaining excellent connectivity and cooperation for spaces like meeting rooms and halls. You can easily customize your experience for your exact needs by combining compatible faceplates and connector plates for an endless number of possibilities.


No matter what kind of use you will be getting out of your box, mount, or bracket - our products ensure that your project will be completed professionally, in both quality and looks. Go ahead and browse through our array of products, and give us a call at 866-222-0030 if you have any additional questions. Don't forget to get the right accessories for the job to save yourself time and hassle. We're your one-stop-shop for all of your projects - big or small!