Screw In Low Voltage Mounting Brackets for New Construction

Quick and Easy To Attach Bracket Mounts


What's special about this mounting brackets?

  • Built-in loop to tie off cable
  • Eliminates pushback
  • Comes complete with screws parked in place ready to install!
  • Installs in 50% less time than steel or plastic mud rings
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ULCSA Approved

Screw-in mounting brackets are a great addition for a fast, painless set up. Available in single and double gang, these bracket mounts are sure to make your low voltage installation an easy one.

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Part #DescriptionPrice
AI-LVS1Screw-In Single Gang Low Voltage Mounting Bracket for New Construction
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AI-LVS2Screw-In Double Gang Low Voltage Mounting Bracket for New Construction
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  • Non-Metallic
  • Single and 2-gang brackets for the installation of LOW VOLTAGE Class 2 ONLY
  • UL E253895 (Arlington Industries UL listed number)
  • CSA LR49636


  Part # A B C
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AI-LVS1 2.810" 4.170" 1.500"
AI-LVS2 5.492" 4.170" 1.500"

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