Arlington® Gangable Plastic Electrical Boxes

Custom Electrical Boxes for New Construction or Retrofit Applications


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What's special about these custom boxes?

  • Provides a housing for switches, receptacles, wiring, and faceplates installed into walls.
  • Gangable design lets you join up to 10 devices and still meet UL Listing requirements.
  • Easy assembly requires no tools; simply snap ends together and install as usual.
  • Available with nail/screw-on styles for new construction or mounting wings for old work, ensuring that your application will be covered.
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Modular products are rapidly taking over the industry due to their efficiency, economy, and adaptability. These Gangable Plastic Electrical Boxes from Arlington®  are no exception. Instead of placing an order for each individual job, these boxes allow you to keep a healthy inventory in stock without sacrificing storage space, so you can always be ready to assemble the perfect size outlet box for any project. They are available for new or retrofit applications, easy to assemble with just your hands, and UL Listed for up to 10 low voltage devices and/or power connections.

Part # Description Compatibility Width Height Depth Weight Price
AI-FEN102 2 Gang Nail-On Gangable Box (New Construction): Used in new construction applications with wooden studs AI-FE102C 2.686" W 3.688" H 3.500" D 0.446 lb
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Part # Description Compatibility Width Height Depth Weight Price
AI-FER102C Gangable Box Center Section: Adds (1) gang to the AI-FER102 box, up to 8 can be used to make a (10) gang box AI-FER102 2.686" W 3.615" H 3.500" D 0.125 lb
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AI-FE102C Gangable Box Center Section: Adds (1) gang to the AI-FE102E box, up to 8 can be used to make a (10) gang box AI-FE102E 2.686" W 3.688" H 3.500" D 0.125 lb
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AI-FE102D Gangable Box Voltage Divider: Placed between a power device installed next to a low voltage device to separate the signals All 0.125" W 3.476" H 3.335" D 0.0456 lb
Manufacturer Direct
  • Each gang comes with a pre-installed Black Button™ wire connector to keep wiring secure and relieve strain.
  • Plastic construction is lighter and more flexible than steel, making these boxes much easier to install.
  • Modular design virtually eliminates waste and dead stock.
  • Available voltage divider allows you to install power and low voltage devices in the same box, ensuring there are no limits to the connections you can make available.
  • Includes a steel bracket for extra support in larger applications.
  • Proudly made in the USA US flag


Property Value
Applications New Construction or Retrofit
Color Black
Material UV Rated Plastic
Industry Standards UL Listed


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