Arlington Industries® Cam-Light™ Box

A Fixture Mounting Apparatus With Endless Possibilities


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What's special about these fixture boxes?

  • Can be used to mount signs, detectors, and cameras,eliminating the need for additional mounting brackets and hanging hardware
  • Ideal for new construction and retrofit applications, making both upgrading and starting from scratch easier and less labor-intensive
  • Installs quickly with a 4" hole saw, saving money on expensive equipment and overall labor costs
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The Cam-Light™ Box is a universal solution for mounting detection devices, signs, lights, and many other hanging fixtures. This mounting box will support almost any detection device, camera, or sign in a nearly any place.

Part #Box MaterialWeight CapacityPrice
AI-FL430SSteel1.5 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
  • The Cam-Light mounts onto walls, suspended ceilings, and drywall ceilings, helping to create a uniform look throughout your project location
  • Security Cameras can be mounted with the Arlington Industries® Cam-Kit™, sold separately
  • Can be rotated up to 180° in either direction, so that you can correctly angle directional lighting and exit signs
  • Flange is paintable to match your ceiling or accent colors
  • Available in:
    • Plastic for common installs
    • Plenum-rated steel for more demanding installs
  • Has Mounting "wings" for tight, sturdy ceiling attachment
  • (2) Knockouts provided: (1) 1/2" and (1) 3/4", to ensure that the wiring needs of your device will be satisfied
  • Holds up to:
    • 50 lbs on a suspended ceiling (or drywall ceiling) in combination with a drop wire* for support
    • 10 lbs on a drywall ceiling without a drop wire (not rated for lights)
    • 7 lbs on walls
  • UL Listed E253895
  • CSA Certified LR49636


*Note: While possible, Drop Wire installation is not common practice for drywall ceiling. Please check with your installer before planning to install devices heavier than 10lbs into a drywall ceiling.


Cam-Light box drawing dimensions
Part # Dimensions Box Material Flange Material Weight Capacity
AI-FL430S 7.345" 2.375" 1.668" Steel Plastic 27 in³





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