Arlington Industries Gard-N-Post Bollard Kit

Power, Low Voltage and Lighting — All in One Decorative Post


What's special about these power/low voltage posts?

  • Allows you to bring power and/or low voltage wiring for phone, security, and lighting to any outdoor area, like decks, boat docks, or walkways
  • Knock-outs on both sides of the bollard allow many different combinations of power and low voltage to be used in specific parts of your garden or deck
  • Includes a large louvered Pagoda style light fixture, that attaches to the top to brighten up the pathways around your office, home or sidewalks
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ULCSA Approved

The Gard-N-Post Bollard Kit by Arlington Industries has everything you need to bring power, low voltage and lighting to your garden or walkways. Use the power for lawn equipment, or to charge the battery on the boat. The low voltage is perfect for telephone lines or internet access, and the light is perfect for safety – you get everything you need in a clean, sleek post.

Part #DescriptionDimensionsWeightColorPrice
AI-GPBK3535" Gard-N-Post Bollard Kit6"W x 6"D x 35"H15 lbsBronze
Manufacturer Direct
Part #DescriptionPrice
WTS-TGS15AGFCI 15A duplex receptacle, monochromatic buttons with wall plate, LED indicator light
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Manufacturer Direct
ITFP-01Multimedia Jacks and Faceplates
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AI-DBVR1CElectrical Box Clear Cover
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Manufacturer Direct
  • The Black or Bronze color is permanent and won't chip off when lawn equipment comes in contact with it (unlike painted posts) for a clean, new look year after year
  • Made of UV rated plastic for a long outdoor life
  • Low voltage separator provided for power use on one side, and low voltage on the other
  • UL Rated E170558 and CSA Rated LR49636
  • Made in the USA USA Flag


The kit comes complete for easy installation:

  • Gard-N-Post & metal stabilizer
  • Boot
  • Pagoda light fixture
  • Decorative spacer
  • (2) Blank device plates with gaskets & screws
  • Low voltage separator
  • Removable knock-out plates with screws
  • Anchor bolts, caulking and bulb are not included in the kit
    NOTE: Uses (maximum) a 40 Watt halogen, 40 Watt incandescent, or 14 Watt fluorescent bulb
Part # AI-GPBK35
Recommended Anchors
Concrete (4) 3/8" x 2-1/2 Tapcons®
Cast-in Place Concrete (4) 3/8" anchor bolts
Wood deck (4) 3/8" anchor bolts with nuts and washers
UL Rating E170558
CSA Rating LR49636
Post Height 27 inches
Post Wide 6 inches
Light Height 8 inches
Light Width 6 inches


  1. Metal support post attaches easily to surface.
  2. The non-metallic Gard-N-Post slides over the support post.
  3. Place decorative curb over Gard-N-Post. Slide it down to cover the installation.
  4. Press fit spacer to base of lamp.
  5. Install pagoda light to post with locknout inside the top of the post. Wire fixture.





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