Telephone Line Testers

If you need to detect either digital or analog phone systems and line polarity in a phone line, these testers will help you do just that. We stock a wide variety of testers for both personal and professional use. Whether you're testing a line for a major telecom installation, or just connecting your laptop computer to an unknown telephone system to protect your modem from high electrical currents while traveling, we've got a tester that will fit your needs.

The Difference between Line Analyzers and Lineman Test Sets

There's no doubt it is important to work with a telephone line tester when you need to detect phone systems or line polarity in a phone line. As with most things, different variations are available at, and we want to make sure that you are getting the right one for your needs!


We currently carry two different kinds of telephone line testers: line analyzers and lineman test sets. Here is a breakdown of what they are each about.


Line Analyzers

A line analyzer is used to determine the quality of a communications line. Generally, a device will use lights to indicate whether the connection is good or bad - green meaning good and red meaning bad. You may be wondering what constitutes "bad" or "good". Well, essentially the line analyzer is telling you if a signal can travel throughout the wire without any obstruction.


Our models can test for current, polarity, voltage, caller ID errors, and more. They ensure that digital lines are kept safe for the highest possible performance so that you and your company can work to max capacity. They easily diagnose and troubleshoot issues - eliminating the guess work you need to do to do a quick fix. They are also equipped to perform basic testing in any kind of weather!


Lineman Test Sets

Otherwise known as a lineman's handset, a lineman's test set is a specific type of telephone used by technicians for the installation and testing of local loop lines. These special "phones" use an earpiece, mouthpiece, and a dial pad for a series of tests to determine connectivity. Even though these sets do a lot of testing, they have the appearance of regular phones. However, they can be used to monitor active calls, answer incoming calls, and make outgoing calls.


Depending on your needs, we have a number of different types of telephone line testers in this category to help make sure your communication lines are in perfect working order.