Eagle Manufacturing® High Visibility Column Protectors

Protection For Warehouse And Factory Columns And Beams


What's special about beam protectors?

  • Made of high density polyethylene to withstand the occasional bump and repel scratches and dents.
  • Three high-visibility colors stand out for safety.
  • Weather resistance and UV protections means you can use them outside as well as indoors.
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Designed to provide extra protection from hand trucks or forklifts, these high density polyethylene beam protectors will keep your building as well as your employees safe from harm. These easy-to-install protectors prevent vehicle damage to your building, to cut down on costly repairs and maintenance fees.

Please Note: These products ship within 3 business days

Yellow Color
Part # Description Dimensions Weight Price
EM-1704 Narrow Column Protector for 4" - 6" column 13" x 13" x 13" 16 lbs
EM-1706 Column Protector for 6" column 24" x 24" x 42" 40 lbs
EM-1708 Column Protector for 8" column 24" x 24" x 42" 40 lbs
EM-1710 Column Protector for 10" column 24" x 24" x 42" 40 lbs
EM-1712 Column Protector for 12" column 24" x 24" x 42" 40 lbs
Green Color
Part # Description Dimensions Weight Price
EM-1706LM Column Protector for 6" column 24" x 24" x 42" 40 lbs
EM-1708LM Column Protector for 8" column 24" x 24" x 42" 40 lbs
EM-1710LM Column Protector for 10" column 24" x 24" x 42" 40 lbs
EM-1712LM Column Protector for 12" column 24" x 24" x 42" 40 lbs
Orange Color
Part # Description Dimensions Weight Price
EM-1706OR Column Protector for 6" column 24" x 24" x 42" 40 lbs
EM-1708OR Column Protector for 8" column 24" x 24" x 42" 40 lbs
EM-1710OR Column Protector for 10" column 24" x 24" x 42" 40 lbs
EM-1712OR Column Protector for 12" column 24" x 24" x 42" 40 lbs
Replacement Parts
Part # Description Dimensions Weight Price
EM-1701 Straps for models; 1706, 1708, 1710 & 1712 n/a 1 lb
EM-1701REFL Straps for all Lime Green & Orange models n/a 1 lb
  • Fits all columns: H-Beam, I-Beam, square and round
  • Weatherproof with UV protection to withstand most any climate or temperature.
  • Can be stacked for added protection.
  • Corrugated ribs provide extra protection from hand trucks, forklifts and employees.

    Part # Outside Dimensions Inside Dimensions Weight
    EM-1704 13" x 13" x 13" fits 4" - 6" column 16 lbs
    EM-1706 24" x 24" x 42" 6" x 6" x 42 40 lbs
    EM-1708 24" x 24" x 42" 8" x 8" x 42 40 lbs
    EM-1710 24" x 24" x 42" 10" x 10" x 42 40 lbs
    EM-1712 24" x 24" x 42" 12" x 12" x 42 40 lbs
    EM-1706LM 24" x 24" x 42" 6" x 6" x 42 40 lbs
    EM-1708LM 24" x 24" x 42" 8" x 8" x 42 40 lbs
    EM-1710LM 24" x 24" x 42" 10" x 10" x 42 40 lbs
    EM-1712LM 24" x 24" x 42" 12" x 12" x 42 40 lbs
    EM-1706OR 24" x 24" x 42" 6" x 6" x 42 40 lbs
    EM-1708OR 24" x 24" x 42" 8" x 8" x 42 40 lbs
    EM-1710OR 24" x 24" x 42" 10" x 10" x 42 40 lbs
    EM-1712OR 24" x 24" x 42" 12" x 12" x 42 40 lbs


    Chemical Resistance Guide for HDPE

    Reagent 70° F
    (21° C)
    140° F
    (60° C)
    Reagent 70° F
    (21° C)
    140° F
    (60° C)
    Acetaldehyde S O Castor oil conc. S S
    Acetic acid 1-10% S S Catsup S S
    Acetic acid 10-50% S O Caustic soda S O
    Acetic acid 50-100% S O Cedar leaf oil U U
    Acetic anhydride S S Cedar wood oil U U
    Acetone S S Chlorine liquid O U
    Acids, aromatic S S Chlorobenzene O U
    Acrylic emulsions S S Chloroform U U
    Adipic acid S S Chlorosulfonic acid 100% U U
    Aluminum chloride dilute S S Chrome alum sat'd. S S
    Aluminum chloride conc. S S Chromic acid 10-20% S O
    Aluminum fluoride conc. S S Chromic acid 50% S O
    Aluminum sulfate conc. S S Cider S S
    Alume (all ltypes) conc. S S Cinnamon S S
    Amino acetic acid S S Cinnamon oil U U
    Ammonia 100% dry gas S S Citric acid sat'd. S S
    Ammonium acetate S S Citronella oil O U
    Ammonium bromide S S Cloves (ground) S S
    Ammonium carbonate S S Coconut oil alcohols S S
    Ammonium chloride sat'd. S S Cod liver oil S S
    Ammonium fluoride 20% S S Coffee S S
    Ammonium hydroxide S S Copper chloride sat'd. S S
    Ammonium metaphosphates sat'd. S S Copper cyanide sat'd. S S
    Ammonium nitrate sat's. S S Copper fluoride 2% S S
    Ammonium persulfate sat'd S S Copper nitrate sat'd. S S
    Ammonium phosphate S S Copper sulfate dilute S S
    Ammonium sulfate sat'd. S S Corn oil S S
    Ammonium sulfide sat'd. S S Cottonseed oil S S
    Ammonium thiocyanate sat'd. S S Cranberry sauce S S
    Amyl acetate 100% O U Creola S O
    Amyl alcohol 100% S S Cuprous chloride sat'd S S
    Amyl chloride 100% O U Cuprous oxide S S
    Aniline 100% S U Cyclohexane U U
    Anise seed oil O U Cyclohexanone U U
    Antimony chloride S S Decalin S U
    Aqua regla O U Detergents synthetic S S
    Aromatic hydrocarbons U U Developers photographic S S
    Arsenic S S Dextrin saturated S S
    Aspirin S S Dextrose saturated S S
    Barium carbonate sat'd. S S Dibutyl ether O U
    Barium chloride saturated S S Dichlorobenzane (O&P) U U
    Barium hydroxide S S Diethylene glycol S S
    Barium sulfate saturated S S Disodium phosphate S S
    Barium sulfide saturated S S Dioxane S S
    Beer S S Emulsions photographic S S
    Benzaldehyde S O Ether O O
    Benzene O U Ethyl acetate 100% O O
    Benzene sulfonic acid S S Ethyl alcohol 100% S S
    Benzic acid - Crystals S S Ethyl alcohol 35% S S
    Benzic acid - Saturated S S Ethylbenzene O U
    Bismuth carbonate sat'd. S S Ethylene glycol S S
    Black liquor S S Ferric chloride sat'd. S S
    Bleach lye 10% S S Ferric nitrate sat'd. S S
    Borax cold saturated S S Ferrous ammonium citrate S S
    Boric acid dilute S S Ferrous chloride sat'd. S S
    Brine S S Ferrous sulfate S S
    Bromic acid 10% S S Fluoboric acid S S
    Bromine liquid 100% O U Fluorine S U
    Bromochloromethane U U Fluosilicic acid 32% S S
    Butadlene U U Fluosiicic acid conc. S S
    Butanediol 10% S S Formaldehyde 10-30% S S
    Butanediol 60% S S Formaldehyde 30-40% S O
    Butanediol 100% S S Formic acid 20% S S
    Butter S S Formic acid 50% S S
    Butyl acetate 100% O U Formic acid 100% S S
    Butyl alcohol 100% S S Fructose saturated S S
    Butylene glycol S S Fuel oil S U
    Butylic acid 100% S S Furtural 100% O U
    Caffeine citrate saturated S S Furturyl alcohol S O
    Calcium bisulfide S S Galtic acid saturated S S
    Calcium bromide S S Gasoline S U
    Calcium carbonate sat'd. S S Glucose S S
    Calcium chlorate saturated S S Glycerin S S
    Calcium chloride saturated S S Glycol S S
    Calcium hydroxide S S Glycolic acid 30% S S
    Calcium hypochloride bleach sol'n S S Grape juice S S
    Calcium nitrate 50% S S Grapefruit juice S S
    Calcium sulfate S S Heptane O U
    Camphor crystals S S Hexachlorobenzene S S
    Camphor oil U U Hexane U U
    Carbon dioxide 100% dry S S Hydrobromic acid 50% S S
    Carbon dioxide 100% wet S S Hydrochloric acid 10% S S
    Carbon dioxide cold sat'd. S S Hydrochloric acid 30% S S
    Carbon disulphide O U Hydrochloric acid 35% S S
    Carbon monixide S S Hydrocyanic acid S S
    Carbon tetrachloride U U Hydrocyanic acid sat'd. S S
    Carbonic acid S S Hydrofluoric acid 40% S S
    Carnauba wax S S Hydrofluoric acid 60% S S
    Carrot juice S S Hydrofluoric acid 75% S S
    Hydrogen 100% S S    Silver S S
    Hydrogen bromide 10% S S    Tin S S
    Hydrogen chloride gas dry S S    Zinc S S
    Hydrogen peroxide 30% S S Potassium bicarbonate sat'd. S S
    Hydrogen peroxide 90% S O Potassium borate 1% S S
    Hydroquinone S S Potassium bromate 10% S S
    Hydrogen sulfide S S Potassium bromide sat'd. S S
    Hypochlorous acid conc. S S Potassium carbonate S S
    Inks S S Potassium chlorate sat'd. S S
    Iodine crystals O O Potassium chloride sat'd. S S
    Isobutyl alcohol S S Potassium cyanide sat'd. S S
    Isopropyl alcohol S S Potassium dichromate 40% S S
    Isopropyl ether O U Potassium ferri/ferro cyanide S S
    Kerosene O O Potassium nitrate sat'd. S S
    Lactic acid 10% S S Potassium perborate sat'd. S S
    Lactic acid 90% S S Potassium perchlorate 10% S S
    Lanolin S S Potassium permanganate 20% S S
    Lard S S Potassium sulfate conc. S S
    Lead acetate sat'd. S S Potassium sulfide conc. S S
    Lead nitrate S S Potassium sulfite conc. S S
    Lemon juice S S Potassium persulfate sat'd. S S
    Lemon oil O U Propane gas S S
    Lime juice S S Propergyl alcohol S S
    Linseed oil S S Propyl alcohol S S
    Magnesium sulfate sat'd. S S Propylene glycol S S
    Margarine S S Pyridine S O
    Magnesium carbonate sat'd. S S Rayon coagulating bath S S
    Magnesium chloride saturated S S Resorcinol S S
    Magnesium hydroxide sat'd. S S Sallcytic acid S S
    Magnesium nitrate sat'd. S S Sea water S S
    Mercuric chloride S S Shortening S S
    Mercuric cyanide sat'd. S S Silicic acid S S
    Mercurous nitrate sat'd. S S Silver nitrate sol'n. S S
    Mercury S S Soap solution conc. S S
    Methyl alcohol 100% S S Sodium acetate sat'd. S S
    Methyl ethyl ketone 100% U U Sodium benzoate 35% S S
    Methylsulfuric acid S S Sodium bicarbonate sat'd. S S
    Methylene chloride 100% U U Sodium bisulfate sat'd. S S
    Milk S S Sodium bisulfite sat'd. S S
    Mineral oils S U Sodium borate S S
    Molasses S S Sodium carbonate conc. S S
    Mustard (prepared) S S Sodium chlorate sat'd. S S
    Naphtha O U Sodium chloride sat'd. S S
    Napthalene S U Sodium cyanide S S
    Natural gas (wet) S S Sodium dichromate sat'd. S S
    Nickel chloride sat'd. S S Sodium ferricyanide sat'd. S S
    Nickel nitrate conc. S S Sodium ferricyanide S S
    Nickel sulfate S S Sodium fluoride sat'd. S S
    Nicotinic acid S S Sodium hydroxide conc. S S
    Nitric acid 0-30% S S Sodium hypochlorite S S
    Nitric acid 30-50% S O Sodium nitrate S S
    Nitric acid 70% S O Sodium nitrite S S
    Nitric acid 85-90% U U Sodium perborate S S
    Nitrobenzene 100% U U Sodium phosphate S S
    Nitroglycerine O U Sodium sulfide 25% to saturated S S
    Octane S S Sodium sulfite sat'd S S
    Oleura conc. U U Sodium thlosulphate S S
    Olive oil S S Soybean oil S S
    Orange juice S S Stannous chloride sat'd. S S
    Ozalic acid dilute S S Stannic chloride sat'd. S S
    Ozalic acid saturated S S Starch solution sat'd. S S
    Ozone O O Stearic acid 100% S S
    Palm oil S S Sulfuric acid 0-50% S S
    Paraffin oil S O Sulfuric acid 70% S O
    Peanut butter S S Sulfuric acid 80% S U
    Perchloroethylene U U Sulfuric acid 96% O U
    Pepper (fresh ground) S S Sulfuric acid 96% conc. O U
    Peppermint oil O U Sulfuric acid fuming U U
    Perchloric acid 50% S O Sulfurous acid S S
    Petroleum ether U U Tartaric acid S S
    Petroleum jelly S S Tannic acid 10% S S
    Phenol S S Tea S S
    Phosphoric acid 0-30% S S Tetrahydrofuran O O
    Phosphoric acid 30-90% S S Toluene U U
    Phosphoric acid over 90% S S Tomato juice S S
    Photographic solutions S S Transformer oil S O
    Phthalic anhydride S S Trisodium phosphate sat'd. S S
    Pickling baths (listed below) - - Trichloroethylene U U
       Sulfuric acid S S Turpentine O U
       Hydrochloric acid S S Urea S S
       Sulfuric-nitric S U Urine S S
    Pine oil O U Vanilla extract S S
    Plating solutions (listed below) - - Vaseline S S
       Brass S S Vinegar com. S S
       Cadmium S S Wetting agents S S
       Chromium S S Whiskey S S
       Copper S S Wines S S
       Gold S S Xylene U U
       Indium S S Yeast S S
       Lead S S Zinc chloride sat'd. S S
       Nickel S S Zinc oxide S S
       Rhodium S S Zinc sulfate sat'd. S S

    NOTE: The above information concerns general chemical resistance only. Since other factors such as permeation, ESCR, and container design are involved, full compativility testing is recommended.

    S = Satisfactory
    O = Some Attack
    U = Unsatisfactory

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