Eagle Manufacturing Spill Containment Platforms and Pallets

Safely Store and Pour Fuel and Irritants


What's special about these spill containment units?

  • Provides you with secondary spill containment for chemical storage and dispensing drums
  • Constructed of heavy duty HDPE to stand up to day-to-day use and long term storage of harsh chemicals
  • High capacity platforms can hold from 10-400 gallons of accidentally spilled materials to keep contaminants contained
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Eagle Manufacturing’s spill containment platforms and pallets are ideally suited for providing spill protection of chemicals, fluids, and harmful liquids. These sturdy units are constructed of high density polyethylene for added strength and protection in manufacturing facilities and chemical plants.

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Part #DescriptionCapacityDimensionsWeightPrice
EM-1605Single Drum Cradle2000 lbs29" x 26.5" x22.5"50 lbs
EM-1606Drum Single Stacker1000 lbs27" x 26.5" x29"50 lbs
EM-1607Drum Double Stacker2000 lbs48" x 26.5" x13"50 lbs
EM-1608Drum Stacker Shelf1000 lbs19" x 23" x19"25 lbs
EM-1612Single Drum Unit65 gal31" x 33"30 lbs
EM-1613Drum Bogie12 gal35.75" x 42"30 lbs
EM-1614Single Drum Tayn/a6" x 31"20 lbs
EM-1615Single Drum Tray with Gratingn/a6" x 31"24 lbs
EM-16202 Drum Pallet Unit66 gal51" x 26.25" x 15"48 lbs
EM-16312 Drum budget spill basin34 gal51.5" x 26.25" x 6.5"20 lbs
EM-16322 Drum Modular Platform30 gal51.5" x 26.25" x 6.5"32 lbs
EM-1633Single Drum Modular Platform12 gal26" x 26" x 6.5"16 lbs
EM-16344 Drum Modular Platform30 gal/side51.5" x 51.5" x 6.5"65 lbs
EM-16384 Drum Budget Basin66 gal51.5" x 51.5" x 7"25 lbs
EM-16404 Drum Pallet Unit90 gal51.5" x 51.5" x 18.5"88 lbs
EM-16454 Drum Low Profile Pallet Unit66 gal51.5" x 51.5" x 8"67 lbs
EM-16464 Drum Nestable Spill Pallet66 gal58.5" x 58.5" x 7.75"65 lbs
EM-16474 Drum Inline Low Profile Platform66 gal106" x 30.25" x 6.75"74 lbs
EM-1677Containment Utility Tray5 gal18" x 36" x 2"6 lbs
EM-1680IBC Spill Containment Unit400 gal67" x 67" x 26"270 lbs
EM-1683All Poly IBC Spill Containment Unit400 gal67" x 67" x 26"245 lbs
EM-1684Double All Poly IBC Spill Containment Unit400 gal118" x 77.5" x 20"450 lbs
EM-16866 Drum Low Profile Platform88 gal77" x 51.5" x 6.5"85 lbs
EM-16888 Drum Low Profile Platform90 gal102" x 51.5" x 6.5"112 lbs
Part #DescriptionDimensionsWeightPrice
EM-1689Poly Ramp for Platform Units32" x 45.5" x 8"32 lbs
  • Pallets and drum cradles interlock to provide ultimate secondary spill protection
  • Platforms available in both standard and low profile designs to fit your facility based on space and height limitations
  • Specialty units available to suit a wide range of applications:
    • Drum bogie to protect against accidental spills during transport in facilities
    • Ramp for easy loading and unloading of pallets
    • IBC Containment units for holding IBCs up to 50” and capable of supporting up to 10,000lbs and 400 gallons
    • Drum cradles to store drums horizontally for dispensing
    • Modular platforms have forklift pockets for easy mobility, and interlock to provide as much or as little spill containment as needed
    • Table/Countertop models available for use in laboratories or offices to contain smaller-scale spills
  • Removable grate enables easy clean up after a spill occurs
  • Ideal for use in:
    • Chemical Processing Plants
    • Manufacturing Facilities
    • Waste Treatment Facilities
    • Disposal Facilities
    • Industrial Plants
  • Meets EPA Secondary Containment Storage requirements (40 CFR 264.175)


Maximum Temperature 248° F [120° C]
Minimum Temperature -148° F [-100° C]
Material Heavy Duty HDPE
Standards Compliance EPA Secondary Containment Storage requirements: 40 CFR 264.175


Part # Description Capacity Dimensions Weight
inches mm
EM-1605 Single Drum Cradle 2000 lbs 907 kg 29" x 26.5" x 22.5" 737 x 673 x 572 50 lbs
EM-1606 Drum Single Stacker 1000 lbs 453 kg 27" x 26.5" x 29" 686 x 673 x 737 50 lbs
EM-1607 Drum Double Stacker 2000 lbs 907 kg 48" x 26.5" x 13" 1219 x 673 x 330 50 lbs
EM-1608 Drum Stacker Shelf 1000 lbs 453 kg 19" x 23" x 19" 483 x 587 x 783 25 lbs
EM-1612 Single Drum Unit 65 gal 29 kg 31" x 33" 787 x 838 30 lbs
EM-1613 Drum Bogie 12 gal 5.4 kg 35.75" x 42" 908 x 1067 30 lbs
EM-1614 Single Drum Tay n/a n/a 6" x 31" 152 x 787 20 lbs
EM-1615 Single Drum Tray with Grating n/a n/a 6" x 31" 152 x 787 24 lbs
EM-1620 2 Drum Pallet Unit 66 gal 30 kg 51" x 26.25" x 15" 1295 x 667 x 1295 48 lbs
EM-1631 2 Drum budget spill basin 34 gal 15.5 kg 51.5" x 26.25" x 6.5" 1308 x 667 x 165 20 lbs
EM-1632 2 Drum Modular Platform 30 gal 13.6 kg 51.5" x 26.25" x 6.5" 1308 x 667 x 165 32 lbs
EM-1633 Single Drum Modular Platform 12 gal 5.4 kg 26" x 26" x 6.5" 660 x 660 x 165 16 lbs
EM-1634 4 Drum Modular Platform 30 gal/side 13.6 kg / side 51.5" x 51.5" x 6.5" 1308 x 1308 x 165 65 lbs
EM-1638 4 Drum Budget Basin 66 gal 30 kg 51.5" x 51.5" x 7" 1308 x 1308 x 178 25 lbs
EM-1640 4 Drum Pallet Unit 90 gal 41 kg 51.5" x 51.5" x 18.5" 1308 x 1308 x 470 88 lbs
EM-1645 4 Drum Low Profile Pallet Unit 66 gal 30 kg 51.5" x 51.5" x 8" 1308 x 1308 x 203 67 lbs
EM-1646 4 Drum Nestable Spill Pallet 66 gal 30 kg 58.5" x 58.5" x 7.75" 1486 x 1486 x 197 65 lbs
EM-1647 4 Drum Inline Low Profile Platform 66 gal 30 kg 106" x 30.25" x 6.75" 2692 x 768 x 171 74 lbs
EM-1677 Containment Utility Tray 5 gal 2.3 kg 18" x 36" x 2" 457 x 914 x 51 6 lbs
EM-1680 IBC Spill Containment Unit 400 gal 181 kg 67" x 67" x 26" 1701 x 1701 x 660 270 lbs
EM-1683 All Poly IBC Spill Containment Unit 400 gal 181 kg 67" x 67" x 26" 1701 x 1701 x 660 245 lbs
EM-1684 Double All Poly IBC Spill Containment Unit 400 gal 181 kg 118" x 77.5" x 20" 2997 x 1968 x 509 450 lbs
EM-1686 6 Drum Low Profile Platform 88 gal 40 kg 77" x 51.5" x 6.5" 1956 x 1308 x 165 85 lbs
EM-1688 8 Drum Low Profile Platform 90 gal 41 kg 102" x 51.5" x 6.5" 2591 x 1308 x 165 112 lbs
EM-1689 Poly Ramp for Platform Units n/a n/a 32" x 45.5" x 8" 813 x 1155 x 203 32 lbs


High Density Polyethylene - Chemical Resistance Guide

Reagent 70° F (21° C) 140° F (60° C) Reagent 70° F (21° C) 140° F (60° C)
Acetaldehyde S O Castor oil conc. S S
Acetic acid 1-10% S S Catsup S S
Acetic acid 10-50% S O Caustic soda S O
Acetic acid 50-100% S O Cedar leaf oil U U
Acetic anhydride S S Cedar wood oil U U
Acetone S S Chlorine liquid O U
Acids, aromatic S S Chlorobenzene O U
Acrylic emulsions S S Chloroform U U
Adipic acid S S Chlorosulfonic acid 100% U U
Aluminum chloride dilute S S Chrome alum sat'd. S S
Aluminum chloride conc. S S Chromic acid 10-20% S O
Aluminum fluoride conc. S S Chromic acid 50% S O
Aluminum sulfate conc. S S Cider S S
Alume (all ltypes) conc. S S Cinnamon S S
Amino acetic acid S S Cinnamon oil U U
Ammonia 100% dry gas S S Citric acid sat'd. S S
Ammonium acetate S S Citronella oil O U
Ammonium bromide S S Cloves (ground) S S
Ammonium carbonate S S Coconut oil alcohols S S
Ammonium chloride sat'd. S S Cod liver oil S S
Ammonium fluoride 20% S S Coffee S S
Ammonium hydroxide S S Copper chloride sat'd. S S
Ammonium metaphosphates sat'd. S S Copper cyanide sat'd. S S
Ammonium nitrate sat's. S S Copper fluoride 2% S S
Ammonium persulfate sat'd S S Copper nitrate sat'd. S S
Ammonium phosphate S S Copper sulfate dilute S S
Ammonium sulfate sat'd. S S Corn oil S S
Ammonium sulfide sat'd. S S Cottonseed oil S S
Ammonium thiocyanate sat'd. S S Cranberry sauce S S
Amyl acetate 100% O U Creola S O
Amyl alcohol 100% S S Cuprous chloride sat'd S S
Amyl chloride 100% O U Cuprous oxide S S
Aniline 100% S U Cyclohexane U U
Anise seed oil O U Cyclohexanone U U
Antimony chloride S S Decalin S U
Aqua regla O U Detergents synthetic S S
Aromatic hydrocarbons U U Developers photographic S S
Arsenic S S Dextrin saturated S S
Aspirin S S Dextrose saturated S S
Barium carbonate sat'd. S S Dibutyl ether O U
Barium chloride saturated S S Dichlorobenzane (O&P) U U
Barium hydroxide S S Diethylene glycol S S
Barium sulfate saturated S S Disodium phosphate S S
Barium sulfide saturated S S Dioxane S S
Beer S S Emulsions photographic S S
Benzaldehyde S O Ether O O
Benzene O U Ethyl acetate 100% O O
Benzene sulfonic acid S S Ethyl alcohol 100% S S
Benzic acid - Crystals S S Ethyl alcohol 35% S S
Benzic acid - Saturated S S Ethylbenzene O U
Bismuth carbonate sat'd. S S Ethylene glycol S S
Black liquor S S Ferric chloride sat'd. S S
Bleach lye 10% S S Ferric nitrate sat'd. S S
Borax cold saturated S S Ferrous ammonium citrate S S
Boric acid dilute S S Ferrous chloride sat'd. S S
Brine S S Ferrous sulfate S S
Bromic acid 10% S S Fluoboric acid S S
Bromine liquid 100% O U Fluorine S U
Bromochloromethane U U Fluosilicic acid 32% S S
Butadlene U U Fluosiicic acid conc. S S
Butanediol 10% S S Formaldehyde 10-30% S S
Butanediol 60% S S Formaldehyde 30-40% S O
Butanediol 100% S S Formic acid 20% S S
Butter S S Formic acid 50% S S
Butyl acetate 100% O U Formic acid 100% S S
Butyl alcohol 100% S S Fructose saturated S S
Butylene glycol S S Fuel oil S U
Butylic acid 100% S S Furtural 100% O U
Caffeine citrate saturated S S Furturyl alcohol S O
Calcium bisulfide S S Galtic acid saturated S S
Calcium bromide S S Gasolene S U
Calcium carbonate sat'd. S S Glucose S S
Calcium chlorate saturated S S Glycerine S S
Calcium chloride saturated S S Glycol S S
Calcium hydroxide S S Glycolic acid 30% S S
Calcium hypochloride bleach sol'n S S Grape juice S S
Calcium nitrate 50% S S Grapefruit juice S S
Calcium sulfate S S Heptane O U
Camphor crystals S S Hexachlorobenzene S S
Camphor oil U U Hexane U U
Carbon dioxide 100% dry S S Hydrobromic acid 50% S S
Carbon dioxide 100% wet S S Hydrochloric acid 10% S S
Carbon dioxide cold sat'd. S S Hydrochloric acid 30% S S
Carbon disulphide O U Hydrochloric acid 35% S S
Carbon monixide S S Hydrocyanic acid S S
Carbon tetrachloride U U Hydrocyanic acid sat'd. S S
Carbonic acid S S Hydrofluoric acid 40% S S
Carnauba wax S S Hydrofluoric acid 60% S S
Carrot juice S S Hydrofluoric acid 75% S S
Hydrogen 100% S S Tin S S
Hydrogen bromide 10% S S Zinc S S
Hydrogen chloride gas dry S S Potassium bicarbonate sat'd. S S
Hydrogen peroxide 30% S S Potassium borate 1% S S
Hydrogen peroxide 90% S O Potassium bromate 10% S S
Hydroquinone S S Potassium bromide sat'd. S S
Hydrogen sulfide S S Potassium carbonate S S
Hypochlorous acid conc. S S Potassium chlorate sat'd. S S
Inks S S Potassium chloride sat'd. S S
Iodine crystals O O Potassium cyanide sat'd. S S
Isobutyl alcohol S S Potassium dichromate 40% S S
Isopropyl alcohol S S Potassium ferri/ferro cyanide S S
Isopropyl ether O U Potassium nitrate sat'd. S S
Kerosene O O Potassium perborate sat'd. S S
Lactic acid 10% S S Potassium perchlorate 10% S S
Lactic acid 90% S S Potassium permanganate 20% S S
Lanolin S S Potassium sulfate conc. S S
Lard S S Potassium sulfide conc. S S
Lead acetate sat'd. S S Nickel sulfate S S
Lead nitrate S S Potassium sulfite conc. S S
Lemon juice S S Potassium persulfate sat'd. S S
Lemon oil O U Propane gas S S
Lime juice S S Propergyl alcohol S S
Linseed oil S S Propyl alcohol S S
Magnesium sulfate sat'd. S S Propylene glycol S S
Margarine S S Pyridine S O
Magnesium carbonate sat'd. S S Rayon coagulating bath S S
Magnesium chloride saturated S S Resorcinol S S
Magnesium hydroxide sat'd. S S Sallcytic acid S S
Magnesium nitrate sat'd. S S Sea water S S
Mercuric chloride S S Shortening S S
Mercuric cyanide sat'd. S S Silicic acid S S
Mercurous nitrate sat'd. S S Silver nitrate sol'n. S S
Mercury S S Soap solution conc. S S
Methyl alcohol 100% S S Sodium acetate sat'd. S S
Methyl ethyl ketone 100% U U Sodium benzoate 35% S S
Methylsulfuric acid S S Sodium bicarbonate sat'd. S S
Methylene chloride 100% U U Sodium bisulfate sat'd. S S
Milk S S Sodium bisulfite sat'd. S S
Mineral oils S U Sodium borate S S
Molasses S S Sodium carbonate conc. S S
Mustard (prepared) S S Sodium chlorate sat'd. S S
Naphtha O U Sodium chloride sat'd. S S
Napthalene S U Sodium cyanide S S
Natural gas (wet) S S Sodium dichromate sat'd. S S
Nickel chloride sat'd. S S Sodium ferricyanide sat'd. S S
Nickel nitrate conc. S S Sodium ferricyanide S S
Nickel sulfate S S Sodium fluoride sat'd. S S
Nicotinic acid S S Sodium hydroxide conc. S S
Nitric acid 0-30% S S Sodium hypochlorite S S
Nitric acid 30-50% S O Sodium nitrate S S
Nitric acid 70% S O Sodiumnitrite S S
Nitric acid 85-90% U U Sodium perborate S S
Nitrobenzene 100% U U Sodium phosphate S S
Nitroglycerine O U Sodium sulfide 25% to saturated S S
Octane S S Sodium sulfite sat'd S S
Oleura conc. U U Sodium thlosulphate S S
Olive oil S S Soybean oil S S
Orange juice S S Stannous chloride sat'd. S S
Ozalic acid dilute S S Stannic chloride sat'd. S S
Ozalic acid saturated S S Starch solution sat'd. S S
Ozone O O Stearic acid 100% S S
Palm oil S S Sulfuric acid 0-50% S S
Paraffin oil S O Sulfuric acid 70% S O
Peanut butter S S Sulfuric acid 80% S U
Perchloroethylene U U Sulfuric acid 96% O U
Pepper (fresh ground) S S Sulfuric acid 96% conc. O U
Peppermint oil O U Sulfuric acid fuming U U
Perchloric acid 50% S O Sulfurous acid S S
Petroleum ether U U Tartaric acid S S
Petroleum jelly S S Tannic acid 10% S S
Phenol S S Tea S S
Phosphoric acid 0-30% S S Tetrahydrofurane O O
Phosphoric acid 30-90% S S Toluene U U
Phosphoric acid over 90% S S Tomato juice S S
Photographic solutions S S Transformer oil S O
Phthalic anhydride S S Trisodium phosphate sat'd. S S
Pickling baths (listed below) - - Trichloroethylene U U
Sulfuric acid S S Turpentine O U
Hydrochloric acid S S Urea S S
Sulfuric-nitric S U Urine S S
Pine oil O U Vanilla extract S S
Plating solutions (listed below) - - Vaseline S S
Brass S S Vinegar com. S S
Cadmium S S Wetting agents S S
Chromium S S Whiskey S S
Copper S S Wines S S
Gold S S Xylene U U
Indium S S Yeast S S
Lead S S Zinc chloride sat'd. S S
Nickel S S Zinc oxide S S
Rhodium S S Zinc sulfate sat'd. S S
Silver S S      
The above information concerns general chemical resistance only. Since other factors such as permeation, ESCR, and container design are involved, full compatibility testing is recommended.
S = Satisfactory
O = Some Attack
U = Unsatisfactory






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