Yellow Jacket® Modular Extreme Crossover Cable Cover

Nearly Indestructible Cable Protection Under the Heaviest Loads


What's special about this heavy duty cable cover?

  • Protects cables and hoses up to 3.75" diameter from up to 400 tons of vehicle traffic.
  • Dog-bone connectors allow you to connect as many as you need for to create precise custom lengths.
  • Modular design simplifies installation, storage, and transport.
  • Cables are top loaded, so cables may be installed without disconnecting them.
  • Ideal for construction, mining, military operations, and many more.

These extreme duty cable protectors combine the convenient modularity of the standard Yellow Jacket and the brutal load handling of the YJ Extreme Crossover. Easily protecting your cable from a 400 ton vehicle, it's hard to imagine what could make these tough covers buckle. Use these for some of the world's heaviest industrial vehicles without the need for extremely long truck beds for transport and difficult storage.


Part # Weight Capacity Channel Dimensions Weight Color Price
CP-YJ2-400 Over 400 tons 3.875" W x 3.75" H 35.75" L x 42.125" W x 5.125" H 147 lbs (66.7 kg) Black, Yellow Cover
Manufacturer Direct
Property Value
Load Capacity Over 400 tons
Channel Dimensions 3.875" W x 3.75" H
Dimensions 35.75" L x 42.125" W x 5.125" H
(90.8 x 106.7 x 14.9 cm)
Weight 147 lbs (66.7 kg)
Material Urethane
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