Eagle Manufacturing® HAZ-MAT Safety Cabinets

Protects Volatile Chemicals in Harsh Environments


What’s special about these hazardous materials cabinets?

  • Stores and protects 55, 65, and 110 gallon drums of hazardous materials or flammable liquid.
  • Drum roller (included) ensures safer & easier loading/unloading.
  • Includes 3-height adjustable shelf; great for safety cans or other items.
  • Lock with keyed entry protects materials from tampering and theft.
  • Choose between manual closing doors and self-closing doors for maximum convenience.
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One need not explain at length the importance of correct storage and protection for hazardous chemicals. These HAZ-MAT cabinets from Eagle® are built to get the job done and then some. Each cabinet is constructed of heavy duty 18 gauge steel and comes with pre-installed drum rollers for easy loading and unloading. If desired, add a shelf for extra storage and a ramp for even safer loading and unloading. All cabinets meet or exceed industry safety standards and contain proper caution labeling.

Part # Doors Capacity Price
EM-HAZ1926 Manual 55 Gallon
EM-HAZ2610 Self-Closing 55 Gallon
EM-HAZ1992 Manual 60 Gallon
EM-HAZ9010 Self-Closing 60 Gallon
EM-HAZ1955 Manual 110 Gallon
EM-HAZ5510 Self-Closing 110 Gallon
  • Meets/exceeds OSHA, NFPA, and FM standards for safety
  • Made of 18-guage steel to deal with storage in rough environments
  • Material 18-gauge Steel
    Color Yellow
    Ratings NFPA Code 30
    OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106(d)(3)
    FM Approved
    EM-HAZ1926 28 1/4" W x 62" H x 28 1/4" D 31 1/4" W x 65" H x 31 1/4" D 14-3/4" 55 Gallon 366 lbs
    EM-HAZ2610 28 1/4"W x 62" H x 28 1/4"D 31 1/4" W x 65" H x 31 1/4" D 14-3/4" 55 Gallon 366 lbs
    EM-HAZ1992 40"W x 62" H x 31" D 43" W x 65" H x 34" D 14-3/4" 60 Gallon 525 lbs
    EM-HAZ9010 40"W x 62" H x 31"D 40" W x 62" H x 31" D 14-3/4" 60 Gallon 525 lbs
    EM-HAZ1955 55"W x 62" H x 28 1/2" D 43" W x 65" H x 34" D 14-3/4" 110 Gallon 583 lbs
    EM-HAZ5510 55"W x 62" H x 28 1/2" D 58" W x 65" H x 31.5" D 14-3/4" 110 Gallon 583 lbs
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