Linebacker® 5 Channel Cable Protectors with T-Shaped Connectors

Heavy Duty Cable & Hose Protection for Vehicle Traffic Areas



What's special about the Linebacker® GP-5?

  • Stands up to 21,000 lbs per axle of vehicle traffic.
  • Durable polyurethane construction – means it will resist weather and material abrasion.
  • Ideal for amphitheaters, television industry, fairs, construction sites, racetracks and any other public event where you could have cords that must cross trafficked areas.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Maximum traction due to it’s 5-bar tread surface.
  • The stay open lid makes it easy to add and remove cables as needed.
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The Linebacker® GP-5 five channel cable and cord protector system is the perfect solution for temporary events such as fairs, festivals, conventions, and any other public event where you could have cords and hoses that must cross trafficked areas. These cable protectors can sustain a load capacity of 21,000 lbs per axle.

Part # Overall Length Overall Width Overall Height Channel Width Color Price
CP5XGP5-OY 36"
Orange Lid w/ Yellow Ramps
Manufacturer Direct
Part # Description Color Price
CPEC-GP5 5-Channel  End Caps (Pair: male & female) Orange
Quick Ship
CPCL2X150-5GP Protector Bridge for Linebacker® CP5X125-GP
Manufacturer Direct

 Cord Protector Features:

  • Safety Warnings molded into lid
  • Stay-open lid that makes placing and removing cables and hose lines easy
  • 5-bar tread surface provides maximum traction
  • Heavy duty "T" connector interlocks modular sections
  • Carrying handle conveniently recessed on underside of protector
  • 21,000 LB load capacity/ axle
  • 36" lengths for easy sizing
  •  5 Channel Cord Protectors are ideal for:

  • Motion Picture / Television Industry
  • Amusement Parks/ Fairs
  • Convention Centers
  • Amphitheaters
  • Festivals
  • Arenas
  • Auditoriums
  • Construction Sites
  • Exhibit Halls
  • Racetracks
  • Features & Benefits:
    Polyurethane Construction for weather and abrasion resistance and a high load-bearing capacity. Non-Conductive Material insulates electrical cables from human contact and satisfies state and federal regulatory agencies. 36" Length Per Lineal Protector makes length-of-run calculations easy to figure.

    5-Channel System Protects Cable & Hose lines up to 1.30 in. Outside Diameter. 5 Bar Tread Plate Surface increases traction. Safety Warning Symbols permanently molded into lid warn pedestrians of trip and/or electrical hazards. Modular Interlocking Design is Lightweight; easy to transport, setup, breakdown, and store multi-length applications. Recessed Carrying Handle allows for moving with ease. Universal Safety Colors for High Visibility.


    The Linebacker® General Purpose 5-channel cable and cord protector system is ideal for vehicle and pedestrian traffic in public and commercial applications. It is in compliance with the 1996 NEC requirements (article 525) for insulating electrical cables and cords at fairs, amusement parks and similar events. The stay open lid makes it easy to add and remove cables as needed.


    top view of linebacker®    end cap and side view of Linebacker®

    Model Description A
    Channel Width
    Channel Height
    CP5XGP5 5-Channel Cord Protector 36"
    1.95" (50mm) 1.3"
    22 lbs
    (10 kg)
    CPEC-GP5 5-Channel End Caps (male/female) 4.75"
    1.95" (50mm) 1.3"
    2.7 lbs
    (1.2 kg)


    Specification Data Load Capacity
    Material Polyurethane (UV stabilized) Channel 1
    Operating Temp. -40° to 120° F (-40° to 48° C) Max Load 70° F (21° C) 10,500 lbs. (4,763 kg) per Tire
    Hinge Pin Material Reinforced fiberglass 21,000 lbs. (9,526 kg) per Axle
    Safety Symbols Per ANSI. Z535.3-1991


    CP5XGP5 5975-01-496-5270
    CPEC-GP5 5975-01-496-5272





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