How to Customize Pick N Pluck Foam

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closeup of pick-n-pluck

Mark the Foam

Remove all the Pick N Pluck perforated foam from the case, leaving the solid sheet in the bottom and the convoluted sheet in the lid.

Arrange all the items on the bottom layer leaving adequate padding around the items. Leave a minimum of 1" foam around items; 2" or more may be desired depending on the items fragility and weight.

When satisfied with the layout, begin to trace around the items with a sharpened piece of chalk. Toothpicks may also be used to mark the perimeter of the foam to be removed.


Pluck the Foam

When ready, start removing foam carefully and slowly, as to remove the whole plug in one piece.

NOTE: Do not discard the foam plugs you have removed from the holes.

removing pick n pluck foam


Pick N Pluck foam in case

Test Your Work

Put the foam sheets back into the case and place the items in their cutouts. Notice how the items fit; you want a snug fit but not to the point the foam is compressed. Don't worry if the hole is too big or the item sits too deep in the hole. You can trim the plug (you saved) and simply glue it back in correcting big holes or raising the item up to the desired level.

With care and planning you can customize the foam inside your case to perfectly hold the items you want to ship.