How Do I Choose the Best Flashlight?

By: CableOrganizer®


A flashlight is not just something you need to find your way around in the dark when the power goes out at home. It’s an important tool you should have on hand, with good lighting critical as you work on your cable management and other DIY projects.

What are some of the qualities you should look for when you’re in the market to buy a new flashlight?

Budget: Of course, you first need to consider a price range that’s comfortable for you before buying.

Special Features: Does the light zoom in and out? Can it project in different colors? Is it waterproof? Drop-proof? Is there a lanyard or pocket clip incorporated into the light’s design? You may like to opt for a light with any of these elements, depending on what you’re using it for.

Category: It is best to purchase a light that’s suited for the project you’re working on. If it’s in an industrial setting, for example, you don’t want to use a flashlight that could damage easily if dropped. General purpose lights are the everyday flashlights you use for minor tasks or visibility. A sturdy, industrial one is best around work areas. Tactical flashlights are designed for use by law enforcement, members of the military, and others who may need a stronger beam for self-defense purposes.

Lumens: The number of lumens — or the amount of lighting a flashlight offers — is another consideration. If working in a very low-lit area, like the corner of a basement by the breaker box, you want to make sure you’re using a portable lamp that is powerful enough to cut through the darkness. You may not need a flashlight that projects as much light, if it’s for casual use, like taking your dog for a walk in a well-lit neighborhood after the sun has gone down.

Beam: On the topic of brightness, there are different ways a ray of light can be emitted from a flashlight. If you need one that provides light nearby, a floodlight can do that. A spotlight, on the other hand, covers more distance. There are adjustable types too that can aim the beam in different directions. You may also opt for a multi-beam light, that can even run distinct beams in multiple colors at the same time, or separately.

Candela: This is another term that may be used and references the intensity of the light in a beam. It is also called “candlepower.”

Battery: Your choice may relate back to budget, with regular batteries less expensive than rechargeable. There are also renewable kinds that use alternative power sources like the sun, in addition to batteries.

Run Time: Before making your purchase, you might like to assess “run time,” or how many hours a light is expected to last when it has been given new batteries.

CableOrganizer® has an array of flashlights that are suitable for various work environments. They include:


tradesman pro

Carrying around a traditionally-designed flashlight is impractical when you are on a ladder or working on a project that requires both hands. This handy beam from Klein Tools® features a swivel hook that can hang overhead in a workshop, car, pipe in a basement, or other locations. It is additionally magnetic, which is helpful if suspending the light is not an option. This intense LED light is ready to use, with three AAA batteries included.

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worklight flashlight

This small handheld LED light appears to have the customary flashlight look, but it can be used hands free for many jobs, because of its magnetic properties. It is ideal for low light areas, offering floodlight power in a compact form. It is powered with three AAA batteries and has a battery life lasting up to six hours. The glow ring tip makes it visible, even from within the depths of a tool bag. The light has a pocket clip attached, to keep it in reach. The unit’s aluminum body also repels water and dust.

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slide focus

This small flashlight has a slide at its head that lets it be used as a spotlight or flashlight. It is equipped with a lanyard that you can keep attached to your wrist. Should it fall, it is impact-resistant up to 10 feet. It is additionally water resistant. This durable beacon comes with three AAA batteries and has a battery life that lasts up to six hours.

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visor lamp

A hook or magnet is not the only way to have hands-free lighting. Unlike the traditional headlamp, this innovative light secures to your hat’s visor with a contoured metal clip. It has five LEDs that boast floodlight power and the ability to pivot up to a 60-degree angle. This convenient flashlight has been given a drop-test rating of 10 feet. It comes with two AAA batteries and can stay powered on high (125 lumens) for four hours, and low (40 lumens) for eight hours.

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Now that you’ve picked out your light source, do you need something to carry it? If your light doesn’t come with a case, the Klein Tools® PowerLine™ Flashlight Holder is an accessory you may like to buy, to accompany your light purchase. It is made of heavy-duty nylon webbing that is durable enough to hold a light that uses D size batteries, on a belt loop.

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