Taming Cable Clutter During Your College Years

By: CableOrganizer®

Welcome to college! All of us here at CableOrganizer® hope you’re ready for the time of your life. With your newfound freedom (of sorts) comes responsibility. Our aim is to assist you so your roommates, classmates, and your parents, will be impressed with your cable management skills.

You’ll quickly notice your computer area will serve as a multifunctional entertainment center, as well as your trusty friend in working toward your degree. You may use this area simultaneously for gaming, watching movies, charging your devices, and printing homework assignments. This multitasking is made possible by the great gadgets connected peripherally to your computer. These can create a world of clutter too in your room because of the many wires connected to each of your devices, which can become a distraction if your feet are getting tangled in the numerous cables. A small desk fan in the mix can additionally be a wakeup call that you need multiple wire organization solutions.

Where can you find them? Head to CableOrganizer® instead of reinventing the wheel. We have a huge selection of products to simply minimize and eliminate all types of cable clutter. A bonus: many of them are fun to use. A few of them are below:


cable turtle

The Cable Turtle not only lets you to hide your cord clutter but it allows you to readjust the length of your cable slack as needed. The turtle comes in several sizes so it can fit any wire situation. We also have a Cable Turtle set with three types that can be used on cables projects of different magnitudes, whether that’s your phone charger, laptop cable, the wire for your desk fan…and even the cord for the blinds in your dorm room. Here’s how this turtle works: Open the shell. Wrap the wires. Close the shell. And you’re done!


animal clips

Looking for a fun way to add some personality to your computer corner? You could also try an Animal Clip. These are solutions that are perfect for a college budget. Get one or the entire Animal Clip set! Just place the clip of your choice on a flat surface and wind a cable in its mouth.



Another alternative is the Sumo™, which sits on cables without adhesives or crushing them. It’s a super solution if you have concerns about leaving sticky residue behind on your desktop or other surfaces when you vacate your room at the end of the school year. It has micro-suction pads that stick to surfaces but still lets you move cords around as needed. And it’s just as easy to remove the Sumo™ from your desk area at the end of the semester to take it home with you.



If you need a special winder for small headphones, the earPod can step up to the plate. This pink plastic spool opens and has a compartment that is generous enough to wrap your earbud cable around it. Then place the earbuds themselves into the center compartment and close the case. Your earbuds are stored for travel in a backpack or purse. The earPod additionally works perfectly to keep headphone wires organized on your desk or in a drawer.


cable management kit

Do you need an assortment of cable management items for your desk area? CableOrganizer® has a full line of curated kits that come with a cost savings for purchasing the items in them together. The Set Up King Desk Management Kit is one of them, which includes various products to tame all of your dorm room wires. It features F6® Woven Wrap Sleeving, VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Wire Wrap, self-adhesive rubber and acrylic hook and loop fastener tape, adhesive cable clips, the Humanscale® Neatlinks™ Under Desk Cable Channel, and Cable Label Write-on Cable Markers.

Shop at CableOrganizer® for our full selection of cable management products. Now if only taming your homework assignments could be this easy!

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