Avoid Cable Hazards in a Recording Studio

By: CableOrganizer®

recording studio

A recording studio is a fabulous soundproof room where dreams and ideas come to life. Generally, these temples of creation are equipped with consoles, speakers, racked equipment, and a large assortment of cables. To be honest, there are cables everywhere! The racks are jam-packed with a plethora of equipment. One thing to keep in mind is that every time a new artist comes by the studio, all these connections and combinations of effects must be made from scratch, as every artist is unique and therefore requires their own particular sound.

So how can we control this colossal mess of wires?

Start by labeling! There are plenty of label printers available for marking your cables. Or you could color code them with heat shrink. The labeling can also be applied to the equipment itself. A way to keep things organized is to make sure that after every session (no matter how late/early you're there), a member of your team breaks down and stores everything properly. Rack cable management is also another great tool to keep wires tidy while in use during a recording session.

Inside the live room, things get a little trickier, with longer cable runs and lots of mics. Your best options here are floor cord covers, or even cable sleeving that can help reduce tripping hazards.

Among our braided sleeving options, you’ll find various types for every need. Looking for a standard sleeve? There is Flexo® PET Expandable Braided Sleeving, which expands to 150% to cover and protect harnesses and connectors. This sleeving is cut and abrasion resistant. It even comes in a range of colors to color code and/or offer a unique aesthetic to the wires in your studio.

You can wrap existing harnesses with ease, with standard wrap around sleeves, including Flexo® F6® (for semi-rigid support and 25% overlap, F6® Woven Wrap (with over 51% overlap flexibility), Flexo® Wrap (with a hook and loop closure, plus generous expansion to cover irregular shapes), and GripWrap® (to wrap and secure at any point in a cable run, while remaining quiet in a studio).

There are also specialty sleeves, designed for special purposes. Flexo® Non-Skid is one — an expandable, braided sleeve that has a high-friction polymer weave to reduce the risk of slipping on studio floors. Studio Key Wrap is useful on film sets, to cover cables with a reversible blue and green keyable vinyl wrap. There are many metal and shielding sleeving options that are suitable in studios too. Flexo® Anti-Stat is one, infused with nylon and conductive carbon to reduce static, high frequency EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio frequency interference). Flexo® Shield Conductive Cable Sleeving shields cables from EMI between 10 MHz and 1 GHz. Flexo® Silver Plated provides copper and shielding for grounding, and protection against EMI, RFI, and ESD (Electrostatic Discharge).

We offer many more products for all your cable management needs, so get creative and show us your creation.

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