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Energy Ssaving ProductsAt, we know the value of a dollar, as well as the importance of conserving electricity to improve the health of our planet. In order to help you live greener and save money on your utility bills, we offer a line of innovative, Earth-friendly power usage meters, surge protectors, timers and occupancy sensors that monitor power consumption, help you calculate running costs for household appliances, and save energy by automatically turning off lights and electronics when you forget to. Just how much money can you save, you ask? While we can't nail down an exact figure (after all, every home is different) we have heard from a few happy owners who managed cut their electric bills by $100s of dollars a year! Enjoy your savings, and thanks for helping to protect our environment.

Energy Saving Products

Power Cost Monitors


Kill A Watt™ Electricity Meter

An economical and simple tool to assess the efficiency of your electric appliances. Just plug any 115 Volt AC (maximum 15 Amp) electric appliance and the large LCD display shows the power consumption of the appliance by kilowatt-hours.


P4460 Kill A Watt™ EZ Electricity Usage Monitor

Simply plug the Kill A Watt EZ into an outlet and then your appliances into the Kill a Watt EZ and the results will display on the large easy to read screen.


Blue Line Innovations BLI-28000 PowerCost Monitor

Tells you how much electricity your home is using from moment-to-moment and the amount you are spending on your monthly bill. Using the PowerCost Monitor has shown to help those that use it reduce electricity related expenses by up to 20%.

Programmable Timers


Intermatic Electronic Seven Day Timer

Energy Saving ProductYou never need to come home to a dark, lonely house once you set up your timers. These time switches will help to save energy which equates to dollars. Program lights, fans, even appliances to come on when you need them.


UPM-DT523 Outdoor Programmable Timer with Photocell

Energy Saving ProductReduce the amount of time lights are used after dark. If your lights are programmed to switch on at 6pm but if the sun does not set until 7pm, the timer will not go on until 7pm.

Tork/NSI outdoor digital timers


600D Series Digital Outdoor Timers

Energy Saving ProductThese digital timers from NSI automatically control your outdoor lighting for fountains, landscaping, and more. With these timers, your lights are turned off or on when scheduled and keep your outdoor areas adequately lit.

Occupancy Sensors and Dimmers View More Electrical Dimmers


Maestro® Dual Application Dimmers and Light Controls

Maestro dual application controls by Lutron eliminate the old style and cluttered look of stacked wall switches by combing 2 separate controls into a single unit.


Maestro® Digital Fade Dimmers

Maestro® Designer-style Dimmers by Lutron bring advanced features and unsurpassed style and beauty to modern day lighting systems.


Decora® Manual ON Occupancy Sensor

This sensor detects human motion and responds by keeping incandescent, low voltage and fluorescent lighting ON. The switch features sensitivity adjustments and integral sliding blinders to customize the field of view.


Leviton Vizia+™ 400W/120VAC Electronic Low Voltage Dimmer

The elegant looking Vizia™ 400W Electronic Low Voltage Dimmer is part of Leviton’s top of the line decorator series of lighting controls.


Solar Chargers More Solar Chargers

Solar Power Pack

Solar Power Pack by Manhattan

Designed for effortless international travel or just simple energy conservation, this Sun-powered charger converts solar energy into electricity to recharge the batteries of cell phones, iPods, and other small electronics.


Smart Surge Protectors more Surge Suppressors


Smart Strip Power Saving Surge Protectors

Save money on your electric bills by turning off electronic devices that are not being used. On average the Smart Strip has been known to save over 260 watts or more per hour to save even more on energy costs.


Kill A Watt™ PS - Electricity Usage Monitoring Power Strip

Protect your valuable electronic equipment and appliances with this innovative power strip/electronic measuring device. In addition to protecting them, this strip will actually measure how efficient they are.


Tripp Lite Energy Savings ECO Series UPS System

Provide a 99% energy efficient battery charging system which will also power down peripherals plugged into the eco sockets when not in use. Innovative UPS outlets with intelligent charging of the internal backup battery to further increase efficiency.