How to Determine Which Product Diameter You Need

By: CableOrganizer®

If you're putting time and money into organizing your cables, you'll want to make sure that you purchase the right size product. When it comes time to order wire management solutions like wire loom, braided sleeving , heat shrink tubing , cord covers or cable ties, simply follow the directions in our simple guide to ensure that you'll end up with just the right size.

Experience Level: Beginner
Time Required: 2 Minutes
Steps: 1 Step Per Product
Supplies: Tape Measure & Calculator



wire loom

Wire loom sizing is a snap. Just gather the cords that you'll be grouping together in the loom and measure the diameter of the bundle. Once you have your measurement, simply opt for a wire loom that has a diameter equal to or greater than that of the cords. If your cable bundle has the exact same measurement as a particular wire loom size, we recommend that you order the next size up. A little extra breathing room for your cords never hurts, and you can be confident that they'll all fit inside.

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wire loom

To find the correct size of braided sleeving for your application, begin by measuring the diameter of the cable bundle you'll be covering. Depending on how you want the braided sleeving to fit around the cables, you can select a size in one of two ways. If you're aiming for a snug fit with expandable sleeving (rigid sleeves and wraps follow a different set of guidelines), opt for braided sleeving with a diameter that's slightly smaller than that of your cables. If a loose, flexible fit is what you're after, select sleeving with a diameter that is equal to or slightly larger than the diameter of your cables. Whatever you choose, please take into account that braided sleeving shortens a bit when it expands…be sure to calculate accordingly.

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wire loom

Once you know the diameter of the cables you're covering, just select heatshrink tubing in a size that will accommodate your cables and any connectors that are attached to them. When you're ordering, keep in mind that the heatshrink's final, shrunken diameter should be smaller than the diameter of your cables, and that the tubing will lose 5 percent to 7 percent of its length during shrinking.

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wire loom

Cord covers are sold according to the size and capacity of their inner channels (the spaces that will contain your cables). Depending on whether you'll be purchasing a single or multi-channel cord cover, measure the diameter of your cables according to how you'll be routing them through the cover. Once you have the measurement, choose the product with channels that will best accommodate your cabling.

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wire loom

Of all these products, cable ties are the easiest to size! This time don't worry about the diameter of your cables … instead, measure for the cable bundle's circumference (the distance around it). Once you have this measurement, just select any cable ties that are longer than the circumference of the bundle.

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