How to Customize Your Work-From-Home Office Space

By: CableOrganizer®


Are you working from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, either temporarily or permanently?

COVID-19 lockdowns have changed the landscape with how and where people work.

While home was always the place where people would head to, to hopefully recharge at the end of their workday, the onset of COVID-19 brought the home workspace to the forefront for many professions, whether it was 9-to-5 office workers or teachers.

With that work-from-home (WFH) experience in the rearview mirror for many who have since returned to an in-person work environment, the pandemic may have taught people how to creatively assimilate and blend their workplace into their home life.


In many living spaces, that may seem like an impossible task — one some may still be wrestling with — especially when it is necessary to use makeshift corners of one’s living space as a work-from-home workspace.

If you are still working remotely — even partially from home in a hybrid arrangement — and need a hand with cable and office management for your home workspace, you have come to the right place. CableOrganizer® can help you design and customize your space, to make your office — whether a dedicated room where you can close the door or multi-purpose space — more efficient, even if you have your computer set up at your kitchen table or a nook in your living room or bedroom.

Having a more organized workspace, no matter the configuration, can help to alleviate remote workplace stress. It can also create boundaries where you feel you can separate your work from your personal life.

What are some of the products that can help you arrange your cables, desk space and home workspace overall? Here are a few ways to make your home office work for you:



The BlueLounge® CableBox® lets you neatly conceal your cables and surge protector into a simple box. The box is made of fire-retardant PVC, that is designed to prevent overheating, dust, dirt and debris on both cables and the surge protector. The CableBox® Mini comes with its own surge protector, for smaller wire and plug applications.




Under desk trays can be mounted to your desk to help corral cable clutter and organize power, data and A/V cables. WireRun® Cable Management Kits come with both a desk cable organizer tray and a surge protector with a 15-foot cord, to keep your desk cables managed.

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Do you now have cable clutter snaked through your home because of your modified office space? Cable Raceway can help to conceal and contain your wires that may be running along your walls and ceiling. Most types of cable raceway have a self-adhesive strip to stick it to walls and ceilings, channeling wires through it to keep them in place. It can be painted to match your décor, blending in with your environment. Do you live in a smaller space — like an apartment — and need a more portable solution? Consider the Wire Trak® Raceway Roll, which lets you easily store and transport your cable management system.

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cable wraps

Hook and loop VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® organizes and secures cable bundles, with a reusable product that can neaten cables. Use it in one part or move it somewhere else where it’s needed. It also comes in a range of colors to identify cables or match your décor.




If you need a portable source to charge your devices, consider the WireRun® Qi Wireless Charger, that charges compatible cell phones on a pad without having to plug into a wall outlet.

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If you have concerns about keeping wires out of the hands of a small child in your WFH space, CableOrganizer® has many things to protect children throughout your home. Braided sleeving and wraps can be customized for a range of wire projects, shielding children from all your home cables including those for your computer or lamp cords. A special indoor extension cord is equipped with child and pet safety covers that prevent kids from accessing unused plug openings.


Are you looking for power and connectivity in one? Then consider a grommet-style desk outlet that can be built directly into your desk. These outlets, like the WireRun® Bonito®, provide AC power outlets and USB ports in one unit, as well as help to limit cord clutter. It has an 8-foot power cord to stretch to the wall outlet and can also be flipped over when not in use.

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A kitchen chair or couch will not help — or could create an aching back or legs — when used daily in a modified home workspace. Middle Atlantic Products® has created several chairs that offer three ergonomic styles, with fully adjustable heights and widths, a durable frame that can accommodate up to a 300 pound weight limit, mesh seating for heat dissipation, adjustable armrests and more.


fabric cord covers

Are you looking to cover cables in your home in a stylish and safe way, whether they are draping by a desk or running across the floor? A Cable Sash lets you cover multiple wires with an outdoor-grade nylon fabric, cinching it snugly to keep it from sliding around. SafCord Flexible Cable Cover — made of Cordura Nylon — can be cut to exact length to prevent wires from becoming tripping hazards on carpeted floors. It uses hooks to fasten into place without damaging carpeting.


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Do you require extra security at home for your work laptop? Black Box® Network Services has a laptop cabinet that protects your computer and its data in a locked, steel box. It includes two layers of one-inch foam to further guard your computer from scratches and jarring movements.

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BlueLounge® makes tablet and laptop stands, which is perfect if you need something portable to angle your devices at a kitchen or living room table or desk.


network cables

Do you need your home wired with network or ethernet cables? CableOrganizer® has a range of options to choose from including Cat5 Taperwire®, a self-adhesive, flat data cable that can be installed discreetly on walls and painted to match them. This flat wire can also be run under flooring.

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With office equipment now in your home, there’s a chance that your pets could decide to snack on your wires. CableOrganizer® has a couple of Pet Safety Kits to choose from. The split wire loom in the kit is easy to slip over wires and keep them covered from sharp pet fangs. Cable ties can keep cables bound and out of your pet’s way. Wire clips have a self-adhesive to clip wires out of reach. A cable winder keeps cable slack hidden wherever you may have your computer, cell phone and other cables. A cord cover prevents your pets from chewing cables running on the floor or along carpeting. The Techflex® Flexo® Rodent Resistant braided sleeving is another option. It has a taste that your pets dislike and is designed to keep your wires and cables safe from their teeth; and keep them safe if they attempt to chew on wires.


Power strips provide an extra power source near your workspace. The Tripp-Lite® Desk Mount Clamp-on Surge Protector boasts six AC outlets and two USB outlets. It clamps onto a desk, instead of having to drill into it.

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surge protector

CableOrganizer® offers surge protectors in varying sizes that can help protect valuable office equipment, such as a desktop, laptop or other delicate electronics in your home, in case of a power surge.



Shop at CableOrganizer® for cables, wires, cable management products and more for your home office or workspace.

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