Check Out These Cable Tie and Clip Options for Organizing Cables

By: CableOrganizer®

Cable ties and clips are affordable and easy items to organize and tidy up cable clutter in your home, office, garage, and other spaces where cables may gather. Cable ties securely fasten bundles, even in tight spaces, and can come in a range of widths, lengths, tensile strengths, and colors. Many cable ties are designed with an environmental resistance that tolerate indoor and outdoor applications, with some able to resist even harsher conditions.

Cable clips have their own advantages in cable management. Many come with self-adhesive backings to hang on walls, desks, and other surfaces. Some are designed for cables to slide through a looped portion. There are clips that attach without tools and damage to the place where they are adhered.

Here are some cable ties options from CableOrganizer® you might like to use for your wire organization projects:


nylon ties

These traditional cable ties are the ones many are familiar with. They are easy to apply and at an affordable price point for most budgets. Use these zip ties for an array of wire management projects. You can additionally reserve them for projects unrelated to wiring, like gardening and hanging holiday decorations. Our nylon cable tie kits provide even greater options. The tie kits come in a clear storage container, multiple colors, and 800- or 1,500-piece sets.



If you’d like one tie for multiple cable organization solutions, the Universal Cable Tie is one of our other recommendations. There are general purpose, releasable, and heavy duty choices. These ties have screw holes that enable you to mount them after cables, wires, or hoses are bundled, for harnesses up to 4.5 inches in diameter.



In the world of releasable cable ties, this kind might be crowned king. It features a rubber-lined surface that cushions cables, keeping them bound and snug without overtightening. GripLockTies™ can be removed and reapplied, in case any cables need to be added to a bundle, or maintenance is required.



Another way to color code and neatly wrap up cables using a releasable solution, is with beaded cable ties. Just loop the tie around a wire bundle, securing this beaded zip tie into place with the locking key head. Whether the application is long-term or a temporary one, it keeps cable runs fastened without excessively compressing wires, which can potentially harm wire jackets.

Among some of the clips you’ll find at CableOrganizer® are:



If your cables are close to a metallic surface, whether in an office, home theater, garage, workshop, or other place, the Mag Daddy™ is an uncomplicated cable clip solution. Slide the wire bundles through the loop on the fastener and adhere it into place with the powerful, neodymium magnet.



Another easy way to keep cables and wires orderly is with self-adhesive wire clips and cable holders. Attach the clips in the configuration you would like, whether it is behind a desk, on a tabletop, or along a wall. Cables stay in place without tools and difficulty.


kendall howard clips

This is another spin on self-adhesive cable holders. These small, rounded organizers are made of soft plastic to retain cables without overly tightening them. Use these, which come in a pack of nine, to route and attach wires to a given path.


hellermanntyton clips

It is not always about creating a wire path along a flat surface. These clips can mount along the edge of a plastic or metal sheet. It is done without holes, nails, or tools. As easily as this edge clip attaches, it can be dismantled and relocated.

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