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BY: Shane Weaver

Tame Your Cable Clutter in 2015

Tame Your Cable Clutter

Still not sure what you should resolve to do in this new year? Have no fear, CableOrganizer is here with some ideas on how to make your resolution count.

Let's start with the obvious option: Un-cluttering your cables. We are, after all,, and just about everyone can benefit from a little cable management. This means you. I'm sure you've got some wayward cables lying in a tangled mess somewhere. Perhaps around your desk, or your home theater, or in a drawer marked “tangled cables,” or maybe all of your wires and cords are just piled up in a corner, each of them hopelessly intertwined in a growing mass that you half expect to sprout arms and legs someday.

Well tell that cable pile: This ends now. How? Glad you asked. At CableOrganizer, you may be surprised to learn, we have literally tons of products specifically designed to organize cables. Shocking, I know. Let's take a look at just some of our most effective offerings:

Cable Raceway is a great way to conceal home theater cables running along walls (or any flat surface, really). Our one-piece latching raceway is self-adhesive, paintable to match the surrounding décor, and available in several widths to accommodate different sizes of bundles. We also offer a full range of accessories including 2-way, 3-way, elbow and corner junctions. It's a great alternative to having a bunch of bare wires vining their way up and down your walls.

What about that other trouble spot for messy cables, the desk? Well, we've got a whole section devoted to Desk Organizers, but one of our personal favorites is the BlueLounge Cable Box, which provides a stylish storage solution for your desk cables, power strips and other small devices (like modems and routers).

This is, of course, just a small sampling of the cable management items we offer. We are called CableOrganizer, after all. You can peruse the rest here.

Two Types of Desk Outlets

Take It One Step Further

What if I told you that organizing your cables was only the beginning, and you could actually reduce the amount of cables running across your floor and snaking their way up the desks in your home, office, or…home office. Behold, Desk Outlets. We just happen to have a huge selection of desk outlets that bring power and data connectivity right to your table top, eliminating the need to run several different types of cables to outlets located all the way on the walls.

We've got Built-In Outlets, Pop-Up Outlets, and even Removable Outlets if you're the kind of guy who DOESN'T like cutting a giant permanent hole in your desk for whatever reason (party pooper…).

For those of you who can't wait to bust out the hole-cutters, you may want to check out our best-selling Bonito Power/Data Center which features three AC power outlets and your choice of two Cat5 Ethernet cables or USB outlets for your data needs. It also has a funky flip-top that conceals the ports when they aren't needed.

If you're into something a little more high end, you may want to try the FSR T6-AC3 Table Box, a fully customizable table top desk outlet which not only gives you several power and data options, but also some snazzy finishes including brass and aluminum.

If you're less keen on chopping up your table top, give a look-see to the edge-mounted Axil-X, a sleek and modern customizable desk outlet with available power outlets and open ports for Data/Voice, Audio, Video, HDMI Couplers, and USB jacks. Just remember to select the necessary jacks, so you don't end up with empty holes in your desk outlet.

Finally, there's the Miniport Power/Data Center, which is like the Axil X, except it installs in the desk like the Powertap. It features a retractable, pop-up top that allows you access to whatever customized power and data configuration you choose. Just remember, these customizable products take a bit longer to put together, so they may take a little longer to get to you. But trust us, your patience will pay off when you have the convenience of power and data connections right on your desk. You'll feel like a wizard! No more schlepping all the way to the wall outlets for you!

Save Money and Save the World at the Same Time

Start Saving Some Money (& Maybe the World)

The phrase “Going Green” has become such an overused cliché that by now just hearing it might have you “seeing red”…but despite the fact that the G-word gets thrown around pretty haphazardly and can occasionally be applied in misleading ways, it doesn't mean there aren't some quality products out there that can help you do your part, and CableOrganizer features many items that can help you conserve electricity, which is not only good for the ol' Mama Earth, but also your pocketbook. Do people still have pocketbooks? Okay, your wallet. Or money clip. Paypal account? Moving on…

An EnergyStar Programmable Thermostat is a great way to make your home or office heating/cooling more efficient. The Robertshaw 9801i2 Digital Thermostat is a great example, and can help you save up to $150 annually on your energy bill. It controls not only the temperature, but the humidity as well, and despite its technological brilliance, it's actually quite easy to use.

Timers are another simple way to cut down on energy consumption (and, we can't stress this enough, energy spending). The Intermatic Electronic Seven Day Timer is a great indoor/outdoor solution for controlling lights, fans, or even appliances. Additionally, for more specialized outdoor applications, such as fountains or landscape lighting, there's the NSI/Tork 600D Digital Outdoor Timer.

And beyond programmable thermostats and timers, there is a more sinister matter lurking in many a household…the dreaded “Vampire Electronics” (cue ominous thunder crash). These are devices that relentlessly suck power from your electrical outlets, even when they aren't turned on…one may even say “beyond the grave” …or one might not. Nevertheless, these evil spooky electrics will relentlessly continue to needlessly increase your energy onsumption and power bill while plugged in, unless you take a stand. You could walk around and unplug every single electronic device when you're done using it, but that's not exactly practical. Fortunately, like a stake to the heart or a dose of sunlight, the Smart Strip Power Saving Surge Protector will take the bite out of your Dracu-lectronics. It can shut down power-sucking devices, while maintaining power to other items that need to stay turned on. It's like the Van Helsing of electronics! Okay, no more vampire references. Nosferatu!

Struggling with a Home Theater

Build That Home Theater

Finally, let this year be the year you finally make that perfect Home Theater for your man-cave, or woman-cave, or bear-cave (hello to all the bears out there). We've got all kinds of gizmos and doo-dads to connect your Home Theater and keep it looking clean, neat and organized.

Once you're sure you've got the right Audio/Video Cables for your set-up, you can make sure you never embarrassingly unplug the wrong cable again with Cable ID Tags. We have a ton of options, including write-on or print-on Unitag Clip-On Labels and the trusty pre-printed KableFlags – there's even a set of KableFlags designed specifically for Home Theaters! How fancy is that? (Answer: Pretty fancy. Maybe not Iggy Azalea fancy, but still…)

But hey, does all this stuff sound like small potatoes to you? Are you the type of person who says “A/V Cables? ID Tags? Pish posh!” Well if so, might we suggest you dig a bit deeper. Follow us into the realm of the serious Home Theater connoisseur, and we'll introduce you to our Slide-Out Rotating Shelving System by Middle Atlantic. It's just one of our Home Theater rack & shelving solutions you'll find on our site.

You can also take it even further with our Audio/Video Wall Plates that can free your Home Theater from clutter and give your set-up a sleek, professional look.

So there you have it. Instead of making a resolution to lose weight or something (seriously, like 99.9% of resolutions are to “lose weight”) do something you might actually follow through on. Your home will be more efficient, and it'll look nice too! You can start entertaining! Yours will be the “cool house” that everyone wants to visit. “That place has such nice cable management,” they'll say. “And have you seen their EnergyStar thermostat? It's beautiful.” Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration. But still, you'll never know if you don't try, right?