New Year's Resolutions from CableOrganizer®: Ways to Manage Cables, Go Green, and More

By: CableOrganizer®



Still not sure what you should resolve to do in this new year? Have no fear, CableOrganizer® is here with some ideas on how to make your resolutions count. Let's start with one option: decluttering your cables. We are, after all, CableOrganizer®, and just about everyone can benefit from some cable management in their lives.

Perhaps you have some wayward cables tangled around your desk, within your home theater, or in a drawer. Maybe you have wires, cables, and cords hopelessly intertwined in a growing mass you half expect could sprout arms and legs someday. It is time to tell that cable pile you are turning over a new leaf in the new year. But how? You can count on CableOrganizer® because we have a seemingly endless array of products designed to organize your cables. Here are just a few:

Cable Raceway is a great way to conceal home theater cables running along walls (or any flat surface, really). Our one-piece latching raceway is self-adhesive, paintable to match the surrounding décor, and available in several widths to accommodate different sizes of bundles. We also offer a full range of accessories including 2-way, 3-way, elbow, and corner junctions. It's a great alternative to having a bunch of bare wires stretching up and down your walls like vines.

What about that other trouble spot for messy cables, including your desk? Well, we have a whole section devoted to desk organizers, but one of our personal favorites is the BlueLounge® CableBox, which provides a stylish storage solution for your desk cables, surge protectors, power strips, and small devices like modems and routers.


What if we told you organizing your cables was only the beginning, and you could reduce the number of cables running across your floor, snaking their way up the desks in your home, office, or…home office? Behold, there are desk outlets. We just happen to have a huge selection of desk outlets that bring power and data connectivity right to your tabletop, eliminating the need to run several different types of cables to outlets, especially if there is a distance to the walls.

We've got built-in outlets, pop-up outlets, and even removable outlets if you're the kind of person who doesn’t like the idea of cutting a giant permanent hole in your desk.

For those of you who can't wait to break out their hole cutters, you may want to check out our best-selling WireRun® Bonito® USB In-Desk Power Outlet. It features three AC power outlets and your choice of two USB outlets for your data needs. It also has a funky flip-top that conceals the ports when they aren't needed.

If you're into something a little more high end, you may want to try the FSR® T6-AC3 Table Box, a fully customizable tabletop desk outlet, which not only gives you several power and data options, but also some snazzy finishes, including brass and aluminum.

If you're less keen on chopping up your tabletop, give a look-see to the edge-mounted Axil™ X, a sleek and modern customizable desk outlet from BYRNE™. It comes with available power outlets and open ports for data/voice, audio, video, HDMI® couplers, and USB jacks. A voice and data adapter kit is also included.

Finally, there's the "MHO" Power/Data Distribution Unit, which is like the Axil™ X in some of its construction, but it installs into the desk. This unit comes with a voice and data adapter kit too, to customize your keystone connectors.


Let this year be the year you finally make that perfect home theater for your man cave or woman cave. We've got all kinds of gizmos and doodads to connect your home theater and keep it looking clean, neat, and organized.

Audio/Video and data wall plates are one way you can free your home theater from clutter and give your set-up a sleek, professional look. These wall plates give you the right jacks for all your connections that help to deliver quality video and audio.

Once you're sure you've got the right AV Cables for your set-up, you can make sure you never embarrassingly unplug the wrong audio/video cable again with Cable ID Tags. We have a ton of options, including write-on or print-on Unitag Clip-On Labels, to help you easily identify and color code cables behind your home theater system, TV, and other hard-to-reach places. There are also the KableFlags® , with pre-printed options — there's even a set of KableFlags® designed specifically for home theaters! Choose from the Entertainment Pack, Home Theater Pack, or Computer Cables Pack.

These are not the only ways to keep wires organized — you can keep up to 250 pounds of equipment orderly with the Slide-Out Rotating Shelving System by Middle Atlantic Products® (Legrand®). This system pulls out and rotates equipment at a 90° in either direction, providing easy access to the equipment and connections. It’s just one of the many home theater rack and shelving solutions you'll find on our site.


If you are seeking customized solutions to manage wires, cables, and cords in a multitude of places, look no further than our curated kits. The experts at CableOrganizer® created these kits to address a myriad of cable management challenges. Each of these kits takes the guesswork away of what you need to organize, along with a cost savings for purchasing these product bundles together. There are desk management/office kits to manage one desk, one office, or a multitude of offices. The Setupking Desk Management Kit is one, which includes VELCRO® ONE-WRAP® wire wrap, F6® Woven Wrap Sleeving, adhesive cable clips, Humanscale® NeatLinks under desk cable manager, and Cable Label Write On Cable Markers. The Home Theater Wire Management Kit offers items to keep audio and video cords tidy and organized, like the F6® split braid, raceway cable management kit, VELCRO® Wraps, cable ties, cable clips, and a DYMO® Label Maker. There are additionally cable management kits, including 800-piece cable tie kits, 1,500 piece cable tie kits, and heatshrink tubing kits. See all our curated kits here.


New Year’s resolutions made the CableOrganizer® way aren’t just about cable management. Some is about “Going Green,” which is doing things that are kind to the environment. We have some quality earth-friendly products that can help you do your part to save electricity, while putting money back in your pocket. Among the products are: Kill A Watt™ Electricity Power Meter, Lutron® Diva® Light Dimmers, and Tripp Lite® ECO-UPS System with LCD Screen. Read our other article about the benefits of energy-saving products, with more information and items.

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