Different Crimpers Offer a Variety of Features

By: CableOrganizer®

Crimpers are valuable tools that terminate electrical wiring with ease. They are used to crimp a connector onto a wire or cable in a range of wiring applications, including those for telecommunications, automotive, electrical, audio/video, computer and electronics. A portion of the wire needs to be stripped before using a crimper — a wire stripper removes the cable’s insulation. Some crimpers, however, are equipped with built-in wire strippers. You will also need a wire or cable cutter to clip wires evenly before crimping them; and certain crimpers have cutters built within them too.

When you select a crimper, you need one that is designed to perform the job, with various types available at CableOrganizer®. There are Ethernet Crimping Tools to terminate Ethernet cables that use RJ45 plugs. Coaxial Termination and Compression Tools are crimpers for home theater, surveillance, CATV and similar installations. Then there are Terminal and Splice Crimpers for some of the toughest wire crimping jobs in automotive, aviation, electrical, industrial, marine, renewable energy, and other intense environments. A few of each type are below:



The crimping tools in this category are useful not just to crimp Ethernet RJ45 connectors, but connectors for phone installations. The RJ11 is what is used for single line phone cables, such as a home landline. RJ12 connectors are for multiple lines, like one would find in a business phone system.


pro grade

Wouldn’t it be an ideal world if one tool could handle numerous crimping jobs, plus multiple functions? The Pro Grade, Non-Ratcheting Wire Crimper stretches toward that vision because it is able to crimp RJ11, RJ12, and RJ45, all without having to reach for a separate tool.

This crimper from Quest™ is crafted of heat treated carbon steel, backed with a lifetime warranty, that can handle repetitive use in any environment. It is compact and lightweight, making it ergonomically easy to work with and transport without difficulty from job to job.

Not only are its multi-tasking crimping talents impressive, but this crimper boasts a cutter and stripper within it. It also features a blade that safeguards your fingers when cutting cables.


ez rjpro

The EZ-RJPRO™ Heavy Duty Crimp Tool is another all-in-one crimp tool. This Platinum Tools® innovation can tackle RJ11, RJ12 and RJ45 crimps with ease. The crimper works with a patented “crimp and trim” system, that handles larger-dimension cables.

It is constructed with a ratcheted, high-leverage frame that lessens torque loss during crimping. It also has a built-in wire cutter and stripper, which eliminates the number of tools needed on the job. The crimper features two blade types: one for cutting the RJ11 and RJ12; and the other for RJ45 cables on the plugs. One of its accessories (sold separately) is a replacement blade set, in case a blade is damaged or lost.



If you are looking for an ergonomically-comfortable crimper that uses more force with less effort, then your search may be over with the Simply45® Universal Crimper.

This crimper zips through all standard WE/SS RJ45 unshielded and internal ground shielded modular plugs. It uses synchronized handles that are ratcheted for a full compression cycle; and is steel reinforced at the head of the crimper for greater stability. This creates a smoother and faster crimping process.

It includes both a cable cutter and stripper built into the handle, to eliminate the need for another tool. There is an integrated strain relief (boots) feature that is additionally crimped onto the RJ45 plug. One highlight of this crimper is its T568A and T568B wiring guide, to facilitate aligning either wiring pattern.


tele titan

A compact and rugged tool is something you may need — and if so — you should consider what is nicknamed “The Little Giant of Modular Plug Crimpers,” the Tele-Titan™ Modular Plug Crimp Tool from Platinum Tools®.

It can terminate RJ11, RJ12, and RJ45 — and comes with a built-in cable cutter and stripper — yet it’s small enough to stow away in your pocket as you work. This crimper stays securely locked for storage — and can be unlocked when it’s ready for use.

The crimper is constructed with a heavy duty carbon steel frame and black oxide finish that withstands corrosion and damage. It has an adjustable blade depth that increases accuracy when working with various cable types.


ideal rj11

This versatile kit from IDEAL® is useful for an IT or telecommunications professional. It provides crimping needs for both the RJ11 and RJ45 connectors. The kit comes with one tool that crimps, plus strips and cuts wires too.

The IDEAL® RJ11 and RJ45 Telemaster™ Kit has 4-position RJ11, 6-position RJ11, and 8-position RJ45 stranded modular plugs. The tools and connectors are contained within a durable and splashproof carrying case.



Compression crimp tools are used to crimp connectors to coaxial cables. This type of crimper is used for cable and satellite TV installations, CCTV, security systems, home theater systems, telecommunications, network and internet installations, and amateur radio and antenna installations.


vdv protech

This data and coaxial kit comes with a compact ratcheting modular crimper, plus coax cable stripper, compression crimper-lateral multi-connector, Klein-Kurve® multi-cable cutter, stainless steel free-fall snip, modular data plugs for RJ45 Cat5e and Cat6, and strain relief boots for the RJ45 modular data plugs.

All these items can be kept in the VDV ProTech™ transport tool case that is part of the kit. This lightweight case features 12 compartments to keep all the kit’s pieces organized.



If you are working on a range of crimping projects, the Platinum Tools® Sealsmart™ PROCON Coaxial Compression Tool could be the ideal choice for you. That’s because it is a multi-function tool that has a rotating head and connector positioner to accommodate different connectors and cable types. It features an etched guide rule to achieve a proper termination each time you use it.

This crimper is made of a high carbon steel frame construction to remain durable, but it has a molded handle that is comfortable enough to withstand high volume jobs. It is also crafted in a compact design that is small enough to fit in your pocket, making it easy to carry on job sites.

The Sealsmart™ PROCON Coaxial Compression Tool is ideal for working on commercial and residential structural wiring, surveillance and security equipment — and CATV installations.



Crimpers used in terminal and splicing applications are intended for larger-scale crimping jobs involving bigger connectors, terminals, or splices. These would be found in heavier-duty electrical applications, including power systems; industrial wiring and control panels in manufacturing facilities; within automotive and aerospace applications; in marine and offshore installation wiring; in renewable energy systems relying on solar or wind; and in heavy duty machinery and equipment.



This Panduit® Crimp Tool is the ideal choice for crimping both insulated and non-insulated Pan-Term® ferrules and terminals. It is ergonomically designed of steel and with a polypropylene grip, so repetitive motions remain easier for the installer. The dies on the crimper are closest to the pivot, which reduces the crimp effort.

The Panduit® CT-1550 Contour Crimp™ joins Pan-Term® #22-#10 AWG nylon and vinyl insulated terminals, splices, and disconnects to wires. It has red and blue color-coded pockets that match the insulator color and wire AWG range.


16 ton

If you are a cable installer looking for a user-friendly crimper for a heavy duty application, this 16-Ton Hydraulic Crimping Tool is sure to win you over. It is a high-performance, economically priced model that comes with a generous selection of top-quality dies, from 16 to 300mm2.

The versatility of this crimper allows its user to complete an array of termination tasks with minimal labor and ease. It operates with a pump-action handle that offers high quality compression crimps with minimal leverage. The crimper has rubberized hand grips for comfortable, ergonomic, all-day use.


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