How to Hurricane-Proof Your Most Precious and Irreplaceable Possessions with Protective Cases

By: CableOrganizer®


Hurricane proofing your valuables and possessions with protective cases before a hurricane strikes can really help to improve the chances of your possessions remaining safe and secure until the storm passes. These powerful weather formations that can be devastating depending on the type, area, and strength of the storm cell. When a hurricane usually strikes, it can cause devastation to homes, lives, and valuable possessions, especially if a person is not prepared beforehand. It may leave huge costs in its wake, in repairing or replacing possessions that were damaged or lost in the storm.


Pelican™ cases are constructed with heavy duty material that can withstand a multitude of disastrous onslaughts including fires, tornados, or hurricanes. These cases come in a variety of sizes, and are highly recommended for anyone who needs to keep their valuables in an airtight, crushproof, and weatherproof case for safety. CableOrganizer® has micro and medium Pelican™ cases that can store the smallest of goods, up to laptops and important papers in the medium size. Pelican™ cases can dramatically save you from hefty replacement costs resulting from damaged valuables. They help to keep your possessions such as phones, birth certificates, photos, paper documents, computers, jewelry, and irreplaceable possessions safe, until the hurricane passes.

Gator™ Cases are designed to transport sensitive and valuable equipment, like electronics and computers. This is especially important for IT professionals and others who own networking items that may need to be removed before a storm. Gator™ Standard and Rolling Rack Bags, for example, are one way to transport rackmount equipment away from a site before a storm hits. There are powered rolling rack cases too that provide performance on-the-go, as well as a resettable, 15-amp circuit breaker.


CableOrganizer® offers several choices of Pelican™ cases, and Gator™ Cases, since valuables come in different sizes.



small case

Micro cases from Pelican™ are smaller airtight cases that are suitable for safeguarding phones, jewelry, photos, and folded documents. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. These are portable and can be effortlessly taken with you when a hurricane evacuation has been issued. Some micro cases, including the 1030 micro case, can easily withstand being crushed by debris or a truck up to 5,000 pounds. These can additionally survive temperature ranges from -9.4°F (-23°C) to 199.4°F (93° C).



medium case

Medium cases from Pelican™ are ideal for items that are slightly oversized and you may not be able to take with you during an evacuation. This case size can be secured inside a home and locked, so no objects become loose or lost. The optional Pick N’ Pluck foam padding — purchased separately for the medium cases — is ideal where breakable items need added cushioning. These medium cases may work for first edition books, artwork, tools, photography equipment, and other valuables that can be carried away — or survive if they need to be left behind, should local officials call for a storm evacuation.



large case

The Gator™ Heavy Duty Roto-Molded Rolling Laptop Case can store up to eight laptops and cables. It is made with a crush-proof, rotationally molded polyethylene for the ultimate in durability. The case’s dense foam adds shock absorption to keep computer systems functioning after they have been transported. It features a twist-and-lock latch to close it securely and has two spring-loaded handles that tuck away for storage, along with recessed wheels to facilitate transport. The rolling laptop case is stackable, to allow for storage of several cases in one area. A pressure-release valve is built in, which keeps items safe during altitude changes, such as air travel.

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