J Channel Raceway

A Great Way to Clean-up Home & Office Wires


What's special about this cable manager?

  • No tools needed for installation.
  • Open channel design allows easy access for adding or removing cables.
  • Mounts on any flat hard surface: desks, tables, baseboards, walls
  • 48" lengths can handle virtually any desktop/office cables.
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A tried and true cable management solution, the J Channel Raceway is the total package: an easy to use, easy to install item that makes cable clutter disappear in seconds. With the adhesive backing, just press it on the desired surface and you're good to go! A great permanent or temporary solution for condos and apartments, as the adhesive leaves minimal residue behind.

Part # Color Length Inside Width Outside Width Inside Height Outside Height Price / Unit
WR-JCCO48 Black 48" 1/2" 1" 1-1/2" 2-1/4"
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  • Encloses wires on three sides, protecting them and eliminating clutter and trip hazards.
  • Simple to install, use and remove, making it great for home users and professionals.


Adhesive Base Height 2-1/4"
Channel Height 1-1/2"
Channel Depth 1"
Length 48"


J channel with specifications

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Questions & Answers


J Channel - What do you do when you come to a corner?

Asked by Anonymous user on 02.28 PM Wednesday, 11 February, 2015

  • - The J Channel product does not have accessory pieces. It may be possible to cut/notch the ends of the channel in such a way that you can make the channel conform to any corner, but we do not have a guide or instructions to accomplish this.

    Steve S. on 10.58 AM Thursday, 18 February, 2016

How many CAT6 Ethernet Cables would fit - This is for a school where we have a black 4" rubber base board. We have about 16 runs of about 25' from a wall mounted switch to desktop PCs. Could just stack 2 J Channels on top of each other above the base board with 8-12 cables in each?

Asked by Anonymous user on 02.38 PM Monday, 08 June, 2015

  • - Based on the dimensions of the J Channel Raceway, you should be able to accommodate at least 12 of the Cat6 cables in a single unit.

    Steve S. on 11.00 AM Thursday, 18 February, 2016

Is this PVC? How much weight can it hold? What's the best way to cut nice clean lines? I have a miter saw with a fine tooth blade for plastics/acrylics. I'm going to use this to hold small power bricks & satellite SWMs. Plan to screw it down instead of the double sided tape. Thank you.

Asked by Anonymous user on 12.59 AM Monday, 26 June, 2017

  • - Hello, Yes. it is made from a Rigid PVC material. The weight depends on how thick or large your cords are that you are putting inside the J Channel. And you can use screws to screw the channel in place instead of using the double sided tape. For more information please give us a call toll free at 866-222-0030

    Anonymous user on 02.58 PM Tuesday, 27 June, 2017

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