Cable Sash™

Wrangles Tangled Cables into Sleek and Flexible Bundles


What's special about the Cable Sash?

  • Rugged outdoor-grade fabric protects cables from abrasion.
  • Allows cables to break away from the bundle as needed.
  • Perfect for use in the office, or with home theater and stereo equipment.
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The Cable Sash makes it easier than ever to bundle tangled piles of computer or home theater cables into sleek, organized bundles. Made of rugged outdoor-grade nylon fabric, the Cable Sash is simple to use: just wrap it around multiple cables, fasten it lengthwise with its built-in hook-and-loop edging, and cinch it snugly at both ends to keep the Cable Sash from sliding around.

Part # Description Length Diameter Colors Price
C-SASH Cable Sash™ 1 yd (3 FT) 1.5" (3.81 cm) White, Red, Beige

The Cable Sash is a simple-to-use organizer that's designed to neatly bundle the must-have cables in your home or office so that they can do their job without also creating a cluttered mess for you to look at and work around. It's made of rugged outdoor fabric, closes lengthwise with hoop and loop type fasteners, and features drawstring cord locks at each end, which cinch tight to keep the Cable Sash from slipping out of place.

  1. Is completely flexible, so it conforms to the path of the cables.
  2. Requires no fastening to desks or walls, so it doesn't damage surfaces.
  3. Reduces the likelihood of accidents and protects cables from damage.
  4. Contains convenient breaks in the fastener so cables can be added to or routed away from the bundle, allowing for flexible configurations and maximum cable coverage.
  5. Works well almost anywhere, from desktops and tower computers to home theater and stereo setups.
  6. Is available in a variety of colors to match almost any décor.


Cable Sash™:   1yd length x 1.5" (3.81 cm) diameter

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Questions & Answers


Sash vs Snake - What's the difference between a sash and a snake?

Asked by Anonymous user on 08.58 AM Thursday, 31 July, 2014

  • - Thank you for your question. The only difference is the color and the name that for some reason the manufacturer chose for them.

    Fernando M. on 09.20 AM Tuesday, 05 August, 2014

Are there longer snakes? - I need more "snake" than this. Does it come in longer lengths?

Asked by Anonymous user on 05.33 PM Tuesday, 12 July, 2016

  • - Thank you for your question. Unfortunately the only length currently available is the 3ft.

    Natalia C. on 10.46 AM Wednesday, 14 December, 2016

Fabric Spec - What type of fabric this Cable Sash is made of? Thank you. Carl

Asked by Anonymous user on 02.36 PM Sunday, 24 July, 2016

  • - Thank you for your question. The material is "Rugged outdoor-grade Nylon fabric"

    thiago t. on 10.07 AM Tuesday, 10 January, 2017

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