What Are the Best Cable Management Products for Your Home?

By: CableOrganizer®

Homes are wired for nearly everything we use, from heating and cooling equipment, to lighting, to appliances, to electronics, to power tools, and much more. Cable and wire management can be one of the most overlooked necessities for the place you call home, whether that’s an apartment, townhouse, or sprawling residence. What are the products from CableOrganizer® to organize household wires, cables, cords, and hoses, for every space?



Countertop appliances like a blender or mixer, can benefit from a dedicated cord hanger, to bundle cord slack. Place a 3M® Command™ Adhesive Hook and Hanger on an unobtrusive spot on the item, loop the cable, and hang the cord onto the hook. A charging station for phones, laptops, iPads and similar devices, can be stored inside a kitchen drawer. Place the surge protector on the back of a drawer, routing its cord inconspicuously into an outlet. If you don’t have a hidden outlet, hire an electrician to install one. If you can’t use a drawer, modify a breadbox to store your surge protector and devices. Recessed outlets are another space-saving way to manage kitchen cords and add counter space. Heat shrink tubing is useful to reinforce appliance cords against heat and moisture.

living room


Lamp wires should be kept out of the way, for both safety and aesthetics. VELCRO® Brand Adhesive-Backed Hook and Loop Dots can suspend cord slack under end tables. Stick one dot onto the cord, placing another on the furniture’s surface. Braided sleeving makes any cord less visible and more protected. Flexo® PET is braided sleeving that comes in a generous array of colors, and can expand 150%, to cover both cables and connectors. Flexo F6® is standard sleeving ideal for longer wire runs, with a semi-rigid, split construction, which can be easily placed over existing wires.

entertainment center


Wherever you have your TV, stereo, gaming system, and similar items, CableOrganizer® has appropriate wire management products. The Wire Trak® Raceway Roll can hide flat screen TV cables. This PVC raceway expands as it is dispensed from a special distribution box. Use a PVC cutter to trim it to size, adhere the raceway to a wall, then tuck its wires inside. Paint it to match the surface. Metal and shielding braided sleeving can protect wires from EMI (electromagnetic interference). Flexo® Anti-Stat has conductive carbon and abrasion resistance, to shield wires from performance-reducing frequencies and static. CableOrganizer® curated kits fulfill your project needs, while saving both time and money. You won’t have to search for every product, because we choose everything for you. You save money too with curated kits, versus purchasing each item separately.

The Home Theater Wire Management Kit organizes and improves the appearance of your home theater system, with cable raceway, F6® braided sleeving, cable ties, VELCRO® ties, cable clips, and the DYMO® Organizer Xpress™ Label Maker, to identify wires. A label printer is a critical part of cable identification for home theater wire repairs and changeouts. Heatshrink is another all-around option to organize, provide strain relief for, and color code wires, behind a stereo or TV. Home theater racks neatly organize equipment, allowing for adequate airflow and access to wires.

home office


It is critical to keep home office cords organized for appearance and safety. Desk grommets route cords through a desk, protecting cables from rubbing against surfaces. Built-in, pop-up, or removable desk outlets streamline power, with some desktop types covering outlets when not in use. Detachable types are perfect for those who cannot cut into their desk. Under desk baskets and cable managers keep wiring hidden, with zip ties an affordable way to bundle them. A CableOrganizer® Nylon Cable Tie Kit is useful for every wire management project around your home. There are also various desk management and office curated kits, with F6® braided sleeving, cable raceway, cable baskets, surge protectors, WireMate™ Cord Organizer, cable clips, VELCRO® Ties, and more. Shop at CableOrganizer® for enclosed and open frame racks, for servers and other intricate computer equipment, as well as patch panels, which offer horizontal or vertical cable management.



Cable management is essential in bathrooms, where water and electricity co-exist. If your home was constructed before 1975, you should hire an electrician to add a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlet, if you don’t have one already, which reduces the chance of electrical accidents. Add GFCI protection to existing power receptacles with the Southwire® ShockShield® attachable plug. The BlueLounge® CableBox or CableBox Mini (which comes with its own surge protector) can organize and conceal plugs for various gadgets, from hair dryers to electric razors to toothbrushes to illuminated countertop mirrors. The CableBox has rubber feet to stay in place and hides the surge protector in a sleek-looking box made of flame-retardant plastic.



If your bedroom mini blind cords have extra length, Cable Turtle can come to the rescue. This turtle-like helper pops open to reveal a hidden core. Wrap the blind’s cable around it and then snap the top shut, with Cable Turtle working like a cable winder. Another way to protect cables and wires in a bedroom, is with the Zipper Cable Sleeve Braided Wrap from Techflex®. It is made of a heavy-duty polyester construction that can bundle cables at any point along a run, zipping over them to protect from dirt, dust, and other offenders.

laundry room


Small and large appliances in a laundry room need cable protection, but what you use depends on the configuration of where this equipment is kept. Cable Shield Cord Covers can protect and conceal washer and dryer cables, whether on a floor or wall. Cable clips of all sizes and materials can secure laundry room cables to a wall. The larger, reusable VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® hook and loop fasteners, can keep washing machine hoses and cables in place, while smaller ones can wrap up cord slack on an iron or clothing steamer.



A GFCI is a must-have in a garage, which is filled with cords like those for a garage door opener, tools, furnace, freezer, and more. Southwire® ShockShield® GFCI Extension Cord offers heavy duty, waterproof protection for garages, workshops, or outdoor use. MagDaddy™ Magnetic Cable Clips keep low-density wires fastened to metal surfaces. It can be used both temporarily and permanently, within this space. The RIP-TIE® Cable Wrap is an environmentally friendly choice that helps wrap and stow away garage cables and hoses.



A workshop is often chock full of power tools and extension cords, that may become trip hazards. Cord reels are a ready source of power when needed, suspended from a ceiling or wound onto a cart, keeping electrical cords out of the way when not in use. Shrink tubing is helpful too for protecting tool cords from damage, tangling, and the overall workshop environment.



Special extension cords like the Coleman Cable Cool Colors Outdoor Extension Cords, are an outdoor necessity that is easily visible in a bright neon color, and resistant to both moisture and UV. Angel-Guard® Cord Connect™ Extension Cord Plug Protector is made of waterproof UV-rated plastic to guard cable ends on extension cords. Cable cover protection may be another need in your outdoor spaces, for lighting, EV charging cables, electric grills, entertainment system wiring, hot tub wires, your above ground pool pump, and other electrical items. Choose either a medium capacity or high capacity cover, which can sustain pedestrian or vehicle traffic. Some high capacity cable covers glow in the dark, to remain visible at night.

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