What Are CableOrganizer® Curated Kits?

By: CableOrganizer®

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Have you ever started a cable management project, only to discover you had not purchased all you needed to bring it to completion? Or when you did shop for it, was it an odyssey to decide what you should buy, versus what you should not? Of course, costs might rack up for each separate item, especially if you purchased in piecemeal style and shelled out for multiple shipping charges.

These are some of the DIYer pitfalls, but CableOrganizer® understands the needs of do-it-yourselfers. We are not only here as a resource for the cable organization products you need, but pride ourselves on being a shopping destination where you can locate them easily.

CableOrganizer® has simplified the wire management process with curated kits. Each assortment includes all items necessary for your various wire organization projects. Discounted costs are one of the bonuses with purchasing CableOrganizer® curated kits. Buying our kits not only streamlines your shopping trip but offers you significant savings between 10% and 25%, versus purchasing each item separately.

Before we introduce you to our kits, let’s cover the importance of cable and wire management. It is a frequently overlooked detail in straightening out a space. Systematically arranging cords keeps them neat and can protect them from developing assorted issues, such as:

  • • Becoming a safety and tripping hazard, potentially harming both the person tripping over them and the electronic item itself.
  • • Making it difficult to find damaged wires.
  • • Creating problems with swapping out equipment, adding devices, and troubleshooting wire dilemmas.
  • • Potentially damaging cables, which can lead to equipment failure and loss.

Now knowing some of the “whys” of cable management, what are some curated kits you can order from CableOrganizer®?


home theater kit

Organizing and protecting home theater system wires is a win-win for you and your equipment. Wires in disarray may become hazardous. You can trip over them, potentially injuring yourself and your equipment. This Home Theater Wire Management Kit can help manage both small and complex systems, getting you on your way to a better organizational path. It includes: the Raceway Cable Management Kit, F6® split braid, cable ties, VELCRO® Ties, cable clips, and the DYMO® Organizer Xpress™ Label Maker.


desk management kit

A messy desk or office is oftentimes a reflection of your state of being. While many view this chaos as a sign of creativity, it may also communicate you are experiencing difficulties tackling your tasks at hand. A crowd of unrouted cables from phones, computers, printers, scanners, fax machines, and similar equipment, only add to a cluttered environment and mindset. The curated office organizing and desk cable management kits from CableOrganizer® help to simplify office and desk life. There are kits for single and multiple offices, as well as desks, to straighten out work surface cables, wires under the desk, and cords on the floor. First, there’s the Standard Single Office Organizing Kit, with some basics to organize your office. The Professional Single Office Organizing Kit offers more products, including double quantities of some items in the standard kit. There are kits as well if you need to reorganize multiple spaces, including one for four offices, the other kit for eight. There is also a Desk Management Cable Kit with items to organize your desk, while solving assorted wiring problems.


cable management kit

If you have diverse cable and wire management issues to tackle, one of our cable and wire management kits can help. The Nylon Cable Tie Kits come in either 800 or 1,500 piece sets. The uses for 6/6 Nylon cable ties are nearly endless — and not only for wire applications. You can use this type of cable tie for bundling, neatening, and organizing wires and cables in homes, offices, garages, workshops, data centers, and other environments. Automotive applications are another appropriate place for these cable ties, to secure various components, including wire harnesses, fluid lines, and hoses. Cable ties can be used to secure objects, like a sign, banner, or poster to a fence. They are also useful in gardening, to train or support plants, especially climbing ones. You can additionally secure packages and boxes with cable ties before shipping or storing them, holding boxes — or items within them — together. You can use them for a range of DIY projects too, including organizing tools, creating hangers for jewelry and accessories, fastening gutters, securing a garden trellis, in custom furniture pieces, and more. The Wire End Termination Kit is helpful for wiring, splicing, and sealing projects. It includes heatshrink, Krimpa-Seal™ heat shrink butt connectors, and two sizes of Flexo F6®.

Choose your CableOrganizer® curated kits today for a cost savings on all you need for your organization projects.

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