Horizontal Cable Management

Managing patch cords and cables in your networking rack and cabinet set-up is extremely important. It allows for easy identification and access for reconfiguring and maintenance. We've all seen those horror story images of server racks and enclosures covered in jumbled, hopelessly tangled cables. It starts out small, but can quickly get out of hand. Prevent it by making cable management an integral part of your installation from the outset. We offer a wide selection of horizontal cable management solutions for racks and cabinets, perfect for coax, fiber, copper wiring, patch cords, or whatever your needs may be.

Out Neat Patch is a popular solution for storing and sorting excess patch cable length (we use them in our own server room!). But we also offer several other different styles of horizontal cable managers including fingers, rings, cable management troughs and a range of accessories including utility panels, routing blanks and spools to manage cables and protect bend radius for sensitive fiber optic cables.