VELCRO® Brand Adhesive-Backed Hook and Loop Dots

Hang, Secure and Organize


What's special about these press fasteners?

  • Adhesive-backed hook and loop discs allow you to mount and organize objects such as signs without damaging surfaces with nail or screw holes.
  • Durable rubber-based adhesive provides a secure hold indoors and outdoors on both smooth and rough surfaces.
  • Dispenser box comes with 200 sets each of "hook" and "loop" to accomplish even large tasks.
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VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners adhere to various surfaces such as glass, tile, plastic, metal and wood, making them the perfect choice for multiple mounting applications.  Perfect for office, school, home and workshop use.

Part # Description Size Qty Color Weight Price
U-S-6098 VELCRO® Brand Dot Combo Pack 3/4" 200 sets Beige 0.87 lb
Manufacturer Direct
  • Available in a beige color to blend in with wood or other natural décor.
  • Can be used in environmental temperatures ranging from -40°F to  150°F.
  • Standard 3/4" diameter rounds provide a good amount of surface area for securing objects.
  • Reusable and adjustable mounting process allows you to changean item’s positioning whenever needed.

    Substrates Surface Energy of Substrate  Rubber-Based PSA Acrylic-Based PSA
    ABS High Surface Energy BEST GOOD
    Acrylic High Surface Energy BEST GOOD
    Aluminum High Surface Energy BEST BETTER
    ELPO (painted steel) High Surface Energy BEST GOOD
    Glass High Surface Energy NOT RECOMMENDED GOOD
    Polycarbonate High Surface Energy BEST BETTER
    Polyester (Fiberglass) High Surface Energy BEST GOOD
    Polypropylene Low Surface Energy BETTER NOT RECOMMENDED
    Vinyl Flexible Low Surface Energy NOT RECOMMENDED NOT RECOMMENDED
    Vinyl Rigid High Surface Energy NOT RECOMMENDED BETTER
    Urethane TPU Film Low Surface Energy BETTER BETTER
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    How-To Corner



    What is Hook & Loop and How do I Use it?

    What is Hook and Loop?

    • Hook: The “hook” side of hook and loop tape is the rougher and more rigid of the two surfaces.  Hook is the side that can adhere to carpeting, and catches onto the "loops".
    • Loop: The “loop” side of hook and loop tape is the softer, more cloth-like part. Many carpets also form a kind of natural loop that the hook is capable of grabbing onto.

    How do I use hook and loop tape?
    Hook and loop is perfect for keeping things right where you need them. For an easy example, we’ll talk about how we’d use Sticky Back VELCRO® Brand tape to attach a remote control to the side of your television for safe keeping while it’s not in use.

    • Step 1: First, as with all adhesive products, clean the surface that the adhesive tape will be applied to ensure proper adhesion. (For non-porous surfaces like plastic, glass and metal, we recommend a quick wipe-down with rubbing alcohol.)
    • Step 2: Next, remove the paper backing from the hook tape (the rougher of the two) and adhere the tape to the cleaned TV.
    • Step 3: Lastly, remove the paper backing from the loop tape (the softer one) and adhere the loop to the remote control.
    • You’re Done! (Note: When you’re sticking two objects together with hook and loop, it doesn’t matter which object gets which half of the tape. As long as one item has hook on it and the other item has loop, things will work just fine.)

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