It's Just Not Summer Without a Pelican

By: CableOrganizer®

Whether summer is around the bend or already here, no adventure is complete without a Pelican™. Yes, the feathered fish-gulpers perched on piers are an essential part of warm weather; and so is their namesake, the rugged, waterproof cases that protect your gear. When you are packing your shades and other necessities for a trip to the beach, an excursion aboard a fishing boat or a camping trip, be sure to keep your valuable electronics in a Pelican™ case.

Who says technology and nature can’t be combined? The Pelican Micro Case Series™ lets you take the personal electronic gadgets you love along for the ride, providing them with an ideal barrier against outdoor-related threats like water, dirt and impact. Great protection comes from great features — and Pelican™ cases are:



Ordinarily, if a car or truck were to run over your cell phone, you'd be left crying over a pile of electronic rubble. With Pelican™ you can dry your tears, because these super-rigid cases are made of tough polycarbonate construction that can resist the bullying of a vehicle up to 5,000 pounds.




Each case in the Pelican Micro Case Series™ is equipped with a built-in shock absorbent lining that protects small electronic devices and other valuables from getting jostled if they fall.



Created with seals that act like an O-ring, these cases have what it takes to keep your gadgets dry and functional, whether your device is exposed to moisture because of soggy weather or an unexpected dip in the pool.




Since they were designed to float like the birds they were named for, the Micro Case Series™ is perfect for the nautically inclined, especially if a gadget goes overboard while boating.


If your case is riding the ski-lift or trekking across the desert with you, it can endure temperature extremes from -10° to 200° F (-23° to 93° C) to provide high-performance protection in just about any environment.


Have you ever had a sealed container open when the air pressure dropped? This does not happen with items in the Pelican Micro Case Series™ thanks to automatic air purge valves. It doesn’t matter if you are at higher altitudes in a plane or mountain climbing, Pelican™ cases stay equalized — and can adapt to their surroundings.


The sleekly designed products in the Micro Case Series™ come in multiple colors. Some are equipped with clear lids that enable you to see your equipment inside the case.

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