It's Just Not Summer Without a Pelican

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Break out your shades and get ready, all you warm-weather-loving Cable Organizers: Summer is just around the bend! Whether you're headed to the beach, will be climbing aboard a fishing boat or have a camping trip planned, don't forget that no summer adventure is complete without a Pelican. No, we're not talking about the feathered fish-gulpers that hang out on piers… we're thinking more along the lines of rugged, waterproof cases for protecting your valuable gear.

Who says you can't combine technology with nature? At, we recognize the fact that sometimes you just can't afford to completely trade in your cell phone for a fishing pole… that's where Pelican comes into play! Pelican Micro Cases let you take the personal electronic gadgets you love along for the ride, but provides them with an ideal barrier against outdoor-related threats like water, dirt and impact. Great protection comes from great features… check out what Pelican cases have to offer:


They're Crushproof
Ordinarily, if a car or truck were to run over your PDA or cell phone, you'd be left crying over a pile of electronic rubble. With Pelican you can toss that hanky, because these super-rigid cases feature a tough polycarbonate construction that can resist the bullying of vehicles up to 5000 lbs. When they're inside Pelican Micro cases, your gadgets will sneer in the face of tire treads!

Pelican Micro cases for Ipods

They're Impact-Resistant
All Pelican Micro Cases sport a built-in shock absorbent lining that will protect small electronic devices and other valuables from getting jostled too much during falls. For the butterfingers out there who can't hold onto anything for long, this is the product you've been waiting for!

They're Watertight
With built-in O-ring seals, Pelican cases have what it takes to keep your gadgets dry and functional, whether soggy weather sneaks up on them or they go for an unexpected dip. Bet you never thought that your MP3 player could go for a swim and live to tell the story!

Pelican case

They're Buoyant
Since they can float just as well as the birds they're named for, we suggest Pelican Micro cases for those who are nautically inclined. Go ahead and try them out on the boat: the next time one of your gadgets jumps overboard, you won't have to swan dive after it!

They Can Take the Heat
Whether they'll be riding the ski-lift or trekking across the desert with you, Pelican Micro cases are right at home in a wide range of temperatures. From -10° to 200° F (-23° to 93° C), Pelican Micro cases provide high-performance protection in just about any environment!

They're Great Under Pressure
Ever had a sealed container pop open on you when the air pressure dropped? Thanks to automatic air purge valves, you'll never see this happen to a Pelican Micro case! Whether you make them your companions for air travel or mountain climbing, Micro cases by Pelican keep themselves equalized and adapted to their surroundings at all times.

Pelican Micro cases

And They're Even Good Looking
The sleekly designed Pelican Micro cases are available in multiple colors and you also have the option of clear lids… you'll never have to guess what's inside again!