Easy Ways to Hide Speaker Wire

By: CableOrganizer®

Have you purchased a top-of-the-line sound system and are looking to take it to the next level?

CableOrganizer® offers solutions to both protect and conceal your stereo or home theater system speaker wires.
These products will guard your cables, shielding them from the possibility of becoming a way that someone trips — which can also damage speaker cables — if the wiring is on your floor. Items like this are also effective for cable hiding to organize and improve the aesthetic of the space where the wires you want to hide are located. You may like to choose a cable sleeve, raceway or similar product to conceal wires on floors or on your wall if speakers are mounted, to improve the appearance of the room.

What are some of the products that can easily hide speaker wires?



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Cable Raceway — The raceway is a versatile product category made of flame-resistant PVC that is useful for hiding and protecting cables along walls and into ceilings. There are different types of raceway systems that are fitting for all room configurations, which can be cut to size. It comes in some standard colors including white, black and beige; and can be painted with a latex paint to match walls. A cable raceway may come in a one-piece unit, like the WireRun® Snapper® Raceway, which is a perfect general use raceway for walls and backs of entertainment centers. It has an adhesive backing that keeps it fastened to the wall. Once the cable is inserted, it latches shut. There are additional accessories available to navigate corners, such as elbow joints and three or four-way tees.



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Corner Ducts Raceway — This is a useful and aesthetic specialty raceway. Need to run speaker wires along your ceiling to connect with speakers you mounted high on your walls? Or along one of the corners of the room? This covers cables and can be used along baseboards and walls. It can simulate the appearance of crown moldings on the ceiling while camouflaging speaker wires. It is backed with an adhesive strip or can be screwed into a surface for more holding power. Simply remove the cover, place the speaker wire into place and pop the cover back on to keep cables hidden. It comes with accessories to help cables navigate bends along walls. The corner ducts raceway can further be disguised with a matching paint color, to blend into the wall.



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Raceway Crown™ Molding Surface — Need to run wires along your ceiling for mounted speakers? A perfect way to keep cables stealthily concealed in style within walls is to install the Raceway Crown Molding. It is fashioned of prefinished, semi-gloss PVC but has the look of traditional wood molding and can be easily painted to match any room. It can be cut to size and takes a few screws to attach the molding to your wall. All you need to do to complete the look is snap the front of the raceway into place with the wires inside.




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WireTrak™ Raceway Roll — Are you working in a smaller space or are you searching for a more portable, wire-hiding solution? The Raceway Roll may be the product you need to accomplish your speaker wire project. If longer cable raceway strips are not a viable solution, this roll form of PVC raceway stores easily and can also be cut-to-length. It is coiled within its box and is pulled out from its dispenser. Like longer strips, it can be painted to match the walls and outfitted with raceway accessories to navigate walls and ceilings.




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EZ Hidewire Raceway on a Spool — This raceway is ideal for shorter wire runs and can be cut with scissors. Created of a micro-hinge technology and lightweight plastic, this raceway is backed with peel away foam tape. It can be fastened to corners, baseboards and trims. It may be painted to match any room and is removeable from most types of surfaces.





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SafCord® Flexible Cable Cover — This is a product that covers speaker wires on the floor to both protect cables and eliminate tripping hazards. It is perfect for looped carpets and uses a hook and loop system — with your carpet acting as the loop portion — to keep the cover in place without adhesives and potential damage to carpeting. It is flat and low-profile, blending in with your décor and providing clearance for doors that may be in its proximity. It even stays in place when you’re vacuuming. It is thin and able to navigate a range of surfaces easily, including carpeted stairs. SafCord®, which is easy to store when it’s not being used, is both washable and reusable.




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Rubber Ducts — This is another way to shield and cover speaker wires, with it available in light and medium strength. It can protect cables while preventing slips and trips over them. It even works in exterior settings — such as if your wires are out by your patio — with black, brown and gray the color choices in many of the duct types.





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Braided Sleeves — Cable sleeving can help to shroud and protect speaker cables. Many sleeves that work great for speaker wires are woven of Polyethelene Terephthalate (PET) monofilament yarns. This sleeving guards your wires against abrasions, cuts and temperature fluctuations. It is lightweight and flexible, able to form itself to your cable’s size. PET sleeving that is semi-rigid but split, covers long wire lengths, is easy to install and with its split design, can navigate turns along walls and flooring. Split cable sleeving with an even greater weave provides flexibility to take on curves in the wire’s path. Sleeving braided into a cotton loom-style, is a split tubing that remains quiet in settings where surfaces are noisy, protecting cables in high vibration environments.



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Home Theater Wire Management Kit — You don’t need to search high and low for an array of items to manage your home theater wires. CableOrganizer® has curated a comprehensive cable management kit just for you. It saves you significantly on costs of all the included items, rather than purchasing each one separately. The kit features all you need to sharpen the organization and appearance of your stereo and home theater wires, whether your system is simple or complex, including the raceway cable management kit, F6® split braided sleeving, cable ties, VELCRO® ties, black cable clips and a DYMO® Organizer Xpress™ Embossing Label Maker. 




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XSpot™ Prewire Locator System — Are you starting your speaker wiring project from scratch and would like to route wires behind your walls? Then the XSpot™ Prewire Locator System is something that will come in handy for your project. It is both a money and time-saving system, which comes with locator tools to know where to situate wires behind your walls. The XSpot™ devices snap in and hold wires in the places where they should be located.





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Taperwire® Self-Adhesive Flat Speaker Wire — This wire can be used in place of your existing speaker wires. It installs cleanly under carpets, wood floors and tiles, staying put with adhesive backing. It maintains optimal sound quality with the same amount of copper as round cables provide, so sound isn’t diminished or lost in either indoor or outdoor settings.



Do you need to purchase additional wires for your project or are you looking for further options to conceal your speaker cables? Shop at CableOrganizer® for more than one million items to keep your life organized.

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