Home Theater Wire Management Kit

Organize Every Aspect of Your Home Theater With One Comprehensive Kit


What’s special about our home theater kit?

  • Includes everything necessary to organize and sharpen up the look of your home theater system
  • Good for small and simple as well as large and complex home theaters
  • Significant savings over purchasing items separately (34%)
  • Makes a great gift for any audio/video aficionado
  • Helps protect your equipment's costly cables
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About the Raceway Cable Management Kit

  • 500 Series Kit
  • Holds, guides, protects wires up to 300 volts
  • Paintable with Latex paint to perfectly match walls
  • All parts made of UL94-VO compliant, flame resistant PVC
  • Comes with pre-applied self-adhesive tape


About Wireloom

  • Inexpensive way to hide cables.
  • Pre-slit for convenience and easy installation
  • Protects against heat (up to 200°F)
  • Made of plastic (polyethylene)
  • 15 feet of 1 inch wireloom and 10 feet of ½ inch wireloom included in the kit


About the Dymo® Oragnizer Xpress

  • Ergonomic, modern design for easy labeling.
  • Intuitive "turn and click" labeling system.
  • Total 49 character wheel includes @ and "-".
  • Cassette door (handle) has "soft touch" grip.
  • Durable ABS plastic construction for extra long life.
  • Easy-to-load cassette
  • Stands up on desk or workbench.
  • Special tape-cutting feature makes it easy to remove tape backing.
  • No batteries required.
  • Pre-loaded with BLACK 3/8" (9mm) wide x 12' DYMO® embossing tape.
  • Additional Glossy embossing Tape cartridges available.


About Adhesive Backed Cord Clips

ACC6 saddles are good for routing RG 58 - 59 cables and heavy duty electrical and extension cords. Adhesive-cord-clip offers .40" bundle capacity. Adhesive-cord-clip products are perfect for Coax cables.


About Nylon Cable Ties

  • Smooth, rounded edges do not cut insulation - or hands - and are comfortable to work with.
  • Closely spaced positive-locking teeth allow fine adjustment to tie bundles of all sizes.
  • No metal parts; head and pawl are integrally molded for added strength and durability
  • Self-locking, one-piece, low-profile head conserves space.
  • V-shaped raised ridges on bent tip give a sure grip and easy pull-up.
  • All RT Series cable ties have a bent tip for easier pickup, insertion and pull-up


About Cord Winders

  • Takes only seconds to use: just insert cable into top slot and twist
  • Neatly coils excess cable length inside a compact 2.75" x 2.75" x 0.85" plastic case
  • Keeps wound-up cables clean and dust-free
  • Sits on your desktop, or adheres to vertical surfaces with included 3M adhesive
  • Small and very lightweight


This kit includes:

  • 15 feet of 1 inch wireloom to wrap, protect, and organizer your wires.
  • 10 feet of ½ inch wireloom for those extra thin wires in your system.
  • A complete raceway kit to completely protect and camouflage the wires that go along your walls
  • A Dymo Organizer Xpress printer to label all of your cables and components
  • A pack of 100 clear cable ties
  • A set of 10 adhesive-backed saddle clips
  • A Cable Winder


About the Raceway Cable Management Kit

Easy to Install

  • Clean the area of the wall where the channels are to be mounted
  • Use utility knife or saw to cut to length
  • Peel the paper off the self adhesive strip and press channel onto wall, add tees, couplings and elbows
  • Completed assembly may be painted or stained

Surface raceways are a functional, affordable, attractive solution for wire enclosure applications in commercial, industrial as well as in residential environments. Our kit includes a full complement of accessories such as pre-applied adhesive backing, fittings, inside and outside corners so your wire management systems can be 100% customized.

About Wireloom

The Flex Tubing Cable Organizer is a plastic (polyethylene) corrugated split tubing. It is manufactured in different sizes ranging from 1/4" i.d. (6mm) to 2" (50mm) (the home theater kit includes both ½” and 1” wireloom). Our tubing offers excellent protection for wiring harnesses, cables, tubing and hoses. It is very light in weight, has excellent flexibility and provides protection from abrasion, puncture, vibration and friction. It also protects against heat (up to 200°F), sunlight, water, snow, ice, salt, and automotive fluids. Split loom corrugated tubing is ideal for wrapping up your cables and organizing them into a neat package. Instead of having multiple tangled wires and cables, you are left with one neat and orderly cable bundle.

About the Dymo® Organizer Xpress

The Dymo® Organizer Express with the exclusive Soft-Grip handle, offers an extra measure of comfort, convenience and performance in your home or office. The labels are easy to load and cut with an enhanced tape-cutting feature for faster tape-backing removal. No batteries are needed to print letters, numbers and symbols without effort. Includes one pre-loaded BLACK 3/8" (9mm) wide x 12' plastic embossing tape with one-side adhesive.

About Adhesive Backed Cord Clips

Adhesive backed cord clips hold a single cord or cable firmly in any desired route. Cable retaining clips are useful for other applications, such as wiring for stereo, telephone, etc... Thick, strong retaining arm with round contour holds larger cords, cables or wire bundles. Extra-wide opening allows easy insertion and removal. Retaining platform keeps cable retaining clips in place.

About Nylon Cable Ties

General purpose nylon 6/6 is suitable for use in most practical applications at a continuous temperature up to 150°F.  Nylon 6/6, the grade most often used for cable tie production, meets UL 94V-2 flammability ratings. Its working temperature range is from 40°F to 185 °F. Our cable ties are widely used.




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