Child Safety Kit

Our Child Safety Kit Protects Children From Electrical Shock, Sharp Furniture Corners & Harmful Household Chemicals


What's special about this safety kit?

  • Keeps your child safe from electrical and common household dangers
  • Allows you to keep your outlets covered to keep little hands or sharp objects from entering them
  • Kit includes over 100 individual pieces to safeguard your home and keep your children safe
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Whether you’re a new parent or just looking for a unique baby shower gift, our Child Safety Kit contains a mix of both tried-and-true and not-so-common childproofing products that will work together to make any home a safer place for babies and small children. In addition to the familiar cabinet/drawer locks and furniture corner covers, we’ve mixed in a few of our own electrical safety and cable management specialties to take childproofing to the next level.
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KIT-CHLDSFTY Child Safety Kit


10 lbs
Manufacturer Direct

This Child Safety Kit includes over 100 individual pieces that allow you to keep your children safe from most common household hazards. The wire loom and cable ties allow you to cover and wind up your cords and cables to keep them out of reach of curious toddlers and babies.


Kit includes:

(6) Swiveling Outlet Covers (White): outlet cover
Automatically cover outlets when plugs are removed to provide immediate protection against electrical shock.
You’ll need to actually remove your old outlet covers to replace them with these, but believe us – they’re more than worth the small time investment. Our swiveling outlet covers look just like the traditional type, except that instead of being upright, the plug receptacles are tilted at a 45° angle, covering up the electrified outlet slots whenever they’re not in use. To access electricity, just insert the tip of a plug into the diagonal cover slots, use the plug to turn the cover clockwise (lining it up with the receptacle beneath it), then push plug in completely. As soon as you unplug, the cover swivels back into place, once again blocking access to the outlet.

safety first Cabinet and Drawer Locks(14) Cabinet and Drawer Locks:
Prevent accidents by keeping the contents of kitchen and bathroom drawers and cabinets inaccessible to little ones.
We all have them: the kitchen drawers that hold everything from cutlery to matches… and don’t even get us started on the cabinets full of cleaning supplies! It’s the kind of storage that’s completely harmless in the grown-up world, but as soon as a baby or small child enters the picture, household drawers and cabinets can turn into treasure troves of danger. Our easy-to-install wide grip latches allow drawers and cabinet doors to open only 1½″ before they engage, barring further access until the latch is released from the catch (by an adult). The set of 14 cabinet safety locks is enough to childproof most kitchens, and is an important step in preventing your children from being cut or ingesting potentially deadly chemicals.

Table Corner Cushions(4) Table Corner Cushions (Clear):
These soft rounded cushions keep children safe from sharp table and counter edges so they don’t cause injury to themselves.
Call it Murphy’s Law or just bad luck, but it seems that every time a toddler takes a major tumble, it happens perilously close to a sharp-edged coffee table. Our soft, flexible furniture corner cushions create a safety buffer on pointy corners and help to prevent injury when kids collide with low-lying furniture. The corner protectors are clear to blend in with furniture, and install quickly with included double-sided foam tape. Great on coffee and end tables, desks, benches, dining room tables, and even entertainment consoles.

safety first Ultra Clear Outlet Covers(12) Ultra Clear Outlet Covers:
The clear design makes them unnoticeable by children and keeps them from placing sharp objects or fingers into unused plugs.
There’s just something about power outlets – kids hate to see them unoccupied. If receptacles are left plug-less in the presence of young children, chances are excellent that someone’s going to get adventurous and stick any narrow object at hand (whether it be a finger, pen, or even fork tines) into the wall outlet. Play should never end in electric shock or electrocution. Protect your children by blocking unused outlets with our plug protectors. They’re clear, which keeps them invisible (and therefore less interesting) to kids, and their rounded edges are difficult for children to grasp, which makes them difficult for anyone but you to remove.

(6 FT) Indoor Power Extension Cord w/ Self-Blocking Outlets:
extension cordThis indoor extension cord has a built in latch to cover outlets when they are not in use.
Walls aren’t the only places that children can have dangerous encounters with electrical outlets – extension cords can be safety hazards as well. Our indoor-rated extension cord has 3 self-blocking outlets, featuring built-in latches that keep the receptacles covered when they’re not in use.

(100) Releasable Cable Ties (Clear):
white cable tiesThese cable ties are releasable so they can be used over and over again, and provide the ultimate solution to coiling and wrapping cables or even tying together cabinet doors.
So, you say you need to get excess cable length out of your baby’s reach? Or maybe you just want to prevent creative kids from turning an unused cord into a lasso. Whatever the situation, bundling household cords with cable ties is one of the simplest ways of curtailing a child’s access to them. Our Child Safety Kit includes a pack of 100 releasable, reusable cable ties – in a non-attention-getting clear color.

cable organizer wire loom15 feet 3/4 inch Wireloom:
This wireloom allows you to provide protection for computer cables and your child.

15 feet 1-1/2 inch Wireloom:
This larger sized wireloom is ideal for use with larger extension cords and cord bundles.

Not only are many household cords located conveniently near the floor, their size and texture also make them incredibly tempting for teething, crawling babies to chomp down on. And even though baby teeth are tiny, they have what it takes to penetrate through a cable’s insulation and make contact with the metal conducting wire. Since they don’t know any better, it’s up to you to safeguard your unsuspecting little cuties from electrical shock and electrocution. When cords are covered in it, our split wire loom does double duty to protect both your baby and your cables. To begin with, the wire loom’s white color camouflages cords, allowing them to blend in with white walls and baseboard molding. But if your child manages to take notice anyway, the wire loom also serves as a tooth-deflecting shield, discouraging your baby from using it – and the cables within – as a teething ring.


KIT-CHLDSFTY Child Safety Kit


  • 6 Swiveling Outlet Covers -White
  • 14-pack Cabinet and Drawer Locks
  • 4-pack Corner Cushions
  • 12-pack Clear Outlet Covers
  • 1-6 ft Indoor Power Extension Cord - White
  • 100-pack / 11in Releasable Cable Ties - Clear
  • 15 ft / 3/4 in Wire Loom
  • 15 ft / 1-1/2 in Wire Loom
10 lbs






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