FSR Wiring Star - Cord Winder

Easily manage left-over wires


What's special about this cable manager?

  • Black powder-coated metal cable winder to manage extra cable lengths.
  • Easy to install on new or already existing applications.
  • Constructed of thick steel to promote durability and reliability.
  • 2-coil design allows ability to manage 2 cables in 1 unit.
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Worry about left-over wires no more! The FSR Wiring Star is the perfect cable management tool whether you have a pre-existing cable mess or are about to make a new one. Made from powder-coated steel, this sturdy wire manager is sure to get the job done.

Part # Description Price
FSR-WS-1 Wiring Star - Cable Winder
Manufacturer Direct
  • Easily secure your cables with provided slots & embossed areas.
  • Simple mounting holes come pre-drilled.
  • Screws & wraps are included
  • Wiring star is painted black to match any décor.
  • Specifications:

  • FSR-WS-1
  • Manuals


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