Cable Safe™ Professional Installer Kit

Get Your Entire Office Organized ... At Least the Workstations


What's special about this Cable Safe™ Kit?

  • Effectively manage 10 to 15 workstations.
  • Makes it easy to sweep or vacuum behind electronics.
  • Protects equipment from snags, trips, dust build-up, and liquid spills.
  • Everything in one box for organizing the office: straps, hooks, clamps, and labels
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The Professional Installer Kit is an economical bulk assortment of Cable-Safe parts for organizing cables on multiple workstations. It contains everything needed to loop, tie and hang cables in a variety of configurations that will meet any cable organizing challenge.

Part # Description Weight Price
CSAFE-KIT Cable Safe™ Professional Installer Kit 10 lbs

Like our Complete Cable Manager, it easily absorbs all the clutter that comes with computers, printers, labelers, monitors, hubs, speakers, phones, faxes and more.

  • Organize
    Keep cables neat and easy to access
  • Clean
    Remove clutter from floor and desktop, simplify cleaning
  • Protect
    Reduce hazards from snags, trips and liquid spills
  • Label
    Identify cables from source to destination
  • Complete Kit
    Contains everything needed to organize 10 or more desks

    Professional Installer Kit Contents:

  • 10 DeskClamps™
  • 10 CableTracks™
  • 30 CableHooks™
  • 180 CableStraps™
  • 10 Cable Label Sheets
  • 40 Cable Guides
  • 30 Bungee Straps
  • 10 Alcohol Pads
  • 40 Screws

    Property included on kit Value
    DeskClamps Quantity - 10
    Composed of a Clamp Head, Lever, and supporting post. Clamps firmly onto the back of desktop or through cable grommet.
    CableTracks Quantity - 10
    Slides into clips on either side of DeskClamp or can be mounted directly to the wall. Mount CableHooks on upper or lower track.
    CableHooks Quantity - 30
    Snaps into CableTrack to create adjustable width shelf and hooks for hanging cables. Also snaps directly into DeskClamp Assembly.
    Cable Straps Quantity - 180
    Cable Label Sheets Quantity - 10
    Identify cables from source to destination
    Cable Guides Quantity - 40
    Bungee Straps Quantity - 30
    Alcohol Pads Quantity - 10
    Screws Quantity - 40


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