Cable-Safe™ Complete Cable Manager

“This product is great to organize the mass of wires going to and from a computer.”


What's special about the Cable-Safe™?

  • Lifts cables, power adapters, power strips, hubs, modems, and other small devices off the floor and safely out of harm’s way.
  • Makes it easy to sweep or vacuum behind electronics.
  • Protects equipment from snags, trips, dust build-up, and liquid spills.
  • Includes everything necessary to organize the typical computer workstation (12 to 14 cables).
  • Can be used in sets to organize even the most complex workstations.
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The Cable Safe system has everything you need to organize those tangled cables behind your home theater or under the desk. Organizing up to 14 cables, a power supply, and even a couple of small devices such as a router or modem, this wire management tool will reduce trip hazards and keep your cables and electronics out of harm's way.

Part # Description Weight Quantity Price
CSAFE Cable-Safe™ Cable Manager - Single Unit 0.875 lb 1 unit
Quick Ship
CSAFE-CS Cable-Safe™ Cable Manager - Case of 6 Units 5.5 lbs 1 case of 6 units
Manufacturer Direct
CSAFE-KIT Cable-Safe™ Professional Installer Kit 10 lbs 1 kit
Manufacturer Direct

Configure Cable-Safe System To Meet Your Cable Organization Needs

variety of configurations for Cable-Safe
Most versatile configuration Good for small systems or tight places Combine Kits to organize even more cables Mount it upside down to organize cables above the desk

Lift All Your Cable Clutter Off The Floor
Lift cables, power adapters, power strips, hubs, modems and other small devices off the floor and safely out of harm's way.

Protect Your Cables & Enjoy Clean Floors
Reduce hazards to cables and equipment from snags, trips, dust build-up & liquid spills. Makes it easy to sweep or vacuum.

Organize Cables For Quick, Easy Access
Loop, tie and hang each cable separately. Cables stay neat, tangle-free and easy to trace, move or replace. The Cable-Safe™ is a great solution to organize the average computer workstation with 12-14 cables. It easily absorbs all the cable clutter that comes with a computer, printer, labeler, monitor, hub, speakers, phone and fax. Way More Than 14 Cables? No Problem! The Cable-Safe™ system can be expanded to organize even the most complex computer workstations with 20-30 cables or more. Simply add more Cable-Safe™ kits.


Easy To Install & Use
Clamp It On
slide base unit through grommet in desk clamp base unit onto grommet
Clamps through cable grommet hole Clamps onto desktop or shelf or any
horizontal surface up to 1 1/2 thick.
Mount it with Screws
install screws through mounting plate install screws through top of base unit
Mount on the wall or side of the desk
using the Cable-Track.
Mount anywhere under the desktop using
the DeskClamp with clamp head removed


Attach CableTrack™ and CableHooks™:
Secure hubs and other small devices on shelf with bungee straps in any of the 24 quick-latch bungee slots.

Loop, tie and label cables:
Apply color and pattern coded labels. Know instantly which cable goes to which port.

Lift power strips off the floor:
Loop power strip cable and hang on front or back CableHook™

Loop and hang cables:
Tie excess cable length into loops with CableStraps™ and hang.




break-away drawing of Cable-Safe
  • 1 DeskClamp™ Assembly (Clamps on surfaces up to 1.5" thick)
    Composed of a Clamp Head, Lever, and supporting post. Clamps firmly onto the back of desktop or through cable grommet

  • 1 CableTrack™
    Slides into clips on either side of DeskClamp or can be mounted directly to the wall. Mount CableHooks on upper or lower track.

  • 3 CableHooks™
    Snaps into CableTrack to create adjustable width shelf and hooks for hanging cables. Also snaps directly into DeskClamp Assembly.

  • 18 CableStraps™ (on Roll)

  • 4 CableClips™




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