Decora® Manual ON Occupancy Sensor

Motion Detector Light Switch is an Energy Saving Device That Also Increases the Security of Your Home


What's special about these Decora switches?

  • Installs in place of single wall switch or 3 Way switch installation.
  • Complies with California Title 24 Residential Lighting Standards to meet code and reduce energy cost.
  • If you forget to turn the lights off, they will turn off automatically if motion is not detected.
  • Can be used in many residential applications including but not limited to bedrooms, garages, living/family rooms, kitchens and basements.
  • Low profile attractive design takes up less space on the wall.
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Part # Description Color Price
LE-IPP0R Decora Manual ON Occupancy Sensor Remote
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Almond, Light Almond
Manufacturer Direct
Optional Wall Plates
Part # Description Color Price
LE-80401 1 Gang - Decora Nylon Wallplate Ivory, Almond, Light Almond, White, Grey, Brown, Red ($1.85), Black ($1.85)
Manufacturer Direct
LE-80301 1 Gang - Decora Plus Snap-On Ivory, White, Black
Manufacturer Direct
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decora occupancy sensor switch
  • Acts as a standard wall switch for convenience
  • The switch installs in place of a single pole or 3 way wall switch and fits in a standard wall box and is gangable with other units.
  • The sensor can be used for switching incandescent, fluorescent and electronic or magnetic low voltage lighting with ballasts.
  • Passive infrared (PIR) technology is used to monitor a room for occupancy using a segmented Fresnel lens that is sensitive to detect even slight body motion.
  • The sensor detects motion when the manual switch is turned on and keeps the lights on.
  • Lights remain on as long as an occupant moves through the sensor zones
  • Lights can also be turned off manually at any time by pressing the push button.
  • Attractive Decora design coordinates with Leviton's entire Decora line of wiring devices and eliminates the need for an obtrusive scanning device look.
  • The control has a 180 degree field of view that monitors 900 square feet of coverage
  • Four optional adjustments to set a delayed off will maximize energy costs: 30 seconds, 5 minutes, 15 minutes and 30 minutes.
  • There are also adjustments for sensitivity and field of view to prevent unwanted detection in areas such as hallways.
  • Manually turn the control on or off at any time
  • LED indicator light flashes when the sensor detects motion and verifies detection is active.
  • Unit can be used for 120 V lighting and is compatible with electronic and magnetic ballasts.
  • Requires a neutral (white) wire connection
  • UL listed and CSA certified and FCC regulations
  • Available in white, Ivory, Almond and Light almond
  • Five year limited warranty from Leviton

    Leviton's Decora Manual ON Occupancy Sensor detects human motion and responds by keeping incandescent, low voltage and fluorescent lighting ON. If the unit does not detect movement after a set period of time the switch turns the light off. The switch features sensitivity adjustments and integral sliding blinders to customize the field of view. It can also provide simple manual on/off switch capability. An energy saver, this sensor is also featured for its added security and convenience in any residence, school, hospital or office environment.


    Decora Manual ON Occupancy Sensor Remote (LE-IPP0R)
    Use the Decora Manual ON Occupancy Sensor Remote when installing a 3 Way rather than a single pole. A single pole is one fixture controlled by one switch. A 3-way example is a light and controlled by two locations such as a long hallway. For a 3 way, purchase a LE-IPP1L15 AND a LE-IPP0R

    dimensional drawing for sensor swtich feature diagram for switch
    Dimensions for Leviton Decora Occupancy Sensors Interface for Leviton Decora Occupancy Sensors


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